JF: "Pervert" was written by Stephanie and Rusty when they were fifteen years old. The lyrics are so amazing: "You've got a Ph.D. in perversion/you're a doctor of depravity/you went through six years of school and graduated with a moral cavity."

RD: Never underestimate a good thesaurus.

CF: Back then we were sexually harassed at school, at work, shopping at a mall, waiting for a bus and eating at Jojo's. It was a rant against all of them.

The Welders: Eat your heart out, the Runaways.
The Welders: Eat your heart out, the Runaways.

RD: I was sort of burned out by the time we finished. We had spent all of our teenage years on this.

JF: I moved to California with another St. Louis punk band, the Strikers. I've since played in a dozen bands, and I got to live out my dream of touring the country in a van. I finally gave up playing when I had my son, Ringo, in 2002. I'm going to start playing again after Ringo grows up and leaves home.

CF: Much later on, I tried to play with Jane again, pretty half-heartedly, and I finally hung up my bass for good. Jane went on to play in a bunch of bands and had even played with Courtney Love in San Francisco and played onstage with Beck in Los Angeles when his regular drummer had to leave the performance early.

JF: Out of the seven gals that were in the Welders, I'm the only one with a child. Ringo was at our show in December, and the whole time I was onstage, he was playing a video game and barely glanced up. Kids.

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