The Force
The massive entity known as the Force was created in an attempt to unify the hip-hop scene in St. Louis. Comprised of some of the best and brightest emcees, producers and DJs the area has to offer, the collective's reputation is rapidly gaining momentum beyond the Gateway City. Affiliates such as Black Spade, Tef Poe and Vandalyzm are getting the word out with events such as January's Haiti Relief show and a two-and-a-half-hour showcase at this year's SXSW. (CC)

The Frozen Food Section
You're not likely to find a more diverse or eclectic mix of artists than you will on the Frozen Food Section's roster. Jonathan Toth from Hoth, Pandelerium and Earthworms are joined by acts such as Jonezy, Whoremoans and HearsKra-z, which covers just about every style of alternative hip-hop imaginable. Sadly, the collective was recently caught off-guard by the death of a DJ in the group, Helias; our condolences go out to his friends and family. (CC)

Midwest Avengers
The rap/rock group Midwest Avengers named its last record Headbanger Hip Hop, and that's as apt a description of the group's sound as you're likely to find. Co-frontmen BC (John Harrington) and So'n'So (James Coleman) can rhyme, rap and sing in the proud tradition of STL emcees, but their bandmates add crucial heft with live bass, guitar and drums. In concert, the live band's raw power makes each show a full-contact experience, one that owes as much to hard rock as it does to hip-hop. (CS)

Scripts 'N Screwz
Just about everything you need to know about the sound of the multi-talented East St. Louis underground duo Scripts 'N Screwz is in "On 10,"a solo joint from Loose Screwz. The self-produced beat is an absolute burner, with fuzzed-out synthesizers and a sly cowbell loop that keeps the feet tapping. The lyrics are classic hip-hop braggadocio about fashion, girls and living large. And tucked within the clever wordplay are subtle references to other activities such as filmmaking and skateboarding — two things at which the boys from SNS also excel. (KH)
11:30 p.m., Shiver Vodka Bar & Champagne Lounge

Best Hip-Hop DJ DJ Charlie Chan
More than twenty years in the making, we still find DJ Charlie Chan Soprano working the game harder than ever. Whether he's cutting classic old-school hip-hop on 104.1 FM's Throwback at Noon, touring as the official DJ for Run DMC or scratching deep cuts at the Delmar Lounge, his name rings out into the city. Truly the "Don of St. Louis," this world-famous DJ has got it all: the roots, the rep and the love of St. Louis on his back. (JL)

DJ Mahf
As one-quarter of the group Earthworms, DJ Mahf has a lot to keep up with. In addition to his contributions on Midnight at the Capricorn, Mahf continues to put out his own mixtapes, including the Homemade Junk series and the more recent Nightcrawlers:101. Mahf oversaw Steddy P's last album, Style Like Mind, and is currently holding down two weekly gigs, at the Atomic Cowboy on Fridays and the Sol Lounge on Wednesdays. (CC)
9:30 p.m., Shiver Vodka Bar & Champagne Lounge

DJ Needles
Although Nodzilla (a.k.a. DJ Needles) is one of the most consistent DJs around, he's regarded just as highly for the quality of his music production. He's constantly putting out music, such as the Hawthorne Headhunters Mixtape (featuring Black Spade) and Nodzilla's Baadasssss EP, while producing tracks for other artists in the meantime. You can catch him spinning regularly at spots like Lola and the Delmar Lounge, or check out his radio show Rawthentic Thursday nights on KDHX (88.1 FM). (CC)
10:15 p.m., Lure Nightclub

Frozen Food Section
Frozen Food Section

DJ Reminise
A fellow member of DJ Needles' Soulition crew, Reminise is in his element when he's making beats live onstage at events such as Sound Clash at the Gramophone. He's also produced R&B and hip-hop beats for local talent Jada Avenue and John Hill. You can check his MySpace or YouTube profile to watch him go to work on the MPC — or catch him on the turntables Friday nights at Club Exo. (CC)
11:30 p.m., Lure Nightclub

DJ Sinamin
Don't let the fact that DJ Sinamin is a female fool you. The girl can spin. She's the only woman in the group of local hip-hop power brokers known as the Derrty DJs, and she hosts her own show on 107.7 FM, in addition to making weekly appearances at local clubs the Delmar Lounge and 609. Adding a touch of much-needed estrogen to the testosterone-dominated St. Louis hip-hop scene, she also produced the Ladies of the Lou mixtape hosted by Ebony Eyez. (KH)
9 p.m., Lure Nightclub

DJ Sno
With a résumé that could put most DJs to shame, DJ Sno is truly a seasoned veteran on the local scene. You've probably heard him as a radio personality over the years, and he currently cohosts STL Home Jamz on Hot 104.1 FM, where he tries to break local artists. He has toured internationally as Chingy's DJ, has partnered with Basement Beats and produces tracks and mixtapes on the side. As if that weren't enough, Sno recently oversaw the release of the Academy Hill album Jewelry, his collaboration with Nite Owl and James Christos. (CC)

Best Indie Band
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