Not surprisingly, the dissonance between approaches leads to occasional conflicts. Danny Seim sheds light on the Menomena drama via the Mines press bio: "...just when a song became familiar to one of us, the other two members broke it apart again, breaking each others' hearts along the way," he wrote. "We rerecorded, rebuilt, and ultimately resented each other. And believe it or not, we're all proud of the results."

Seim explains, "We hate writing these bios, like when the album comes out and we have to write a sheet about how deep the lyrics are and how we're approaching Radiohead territory with this one. I tried to write something honest about the process, which I'm sort of kicking myself about now. We did hate each other for a bit, but I've really learned to trust and respect [Brent and Justin's] process. Now we're sharing a tiny van; we do like each other a great deal."

After all the chaos and heartbreak, Mines signals validation for Seim and the labor-intensive aesthetic which defines Menomena. "As long as the end justifies the means, we'll keep operating like we always have," he says. "We'll keep taking our time and noodling with our music as long as we need. But when we're all 40 years old and homeless, I don't know if that's a very good argument anymore.

Menomena teases out lovely chaos on its newest release.
Alicia Rose
Menomena teases out lovely chaos on its newest release.

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"Hopefully, we'll have another record done by then."

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