Sean [Evans, the tour's video content creator and director], he's a young guy that was a graphic-arts guy working for, I think, a record label, and Roger just liked his sensibilities and the way he works. When they started to do The Wall, he called him and said, "Look, I'm doing this, I want you to help me flesh out my thing." And this guy is unreal — Roger would basically say, "Here's what I want," and then Sean would do it. Like for instance, the airplanes flying over, the bombers, that was Roger who said to Sean, "Give me something beautiful here that would really work."

And then Sean comes up with the idea of these incredible bombers with an almost anime-looking, really opaque kind of art [that's] really cool. And then the genius of having worked together is that then Roger would say to Sean, "OK, that's great, but it has to mean something, so let's have all of these symbols dropping off these planes." And then Sean takes that and turns it into what you saw, which is beautiful.

Roger Waters with the band Venice. Kipp Lennon is second from the left.
Ken Murphy/venice central
Roger Waters with the band Venice. Kipp Lennon is second from the left.
The aftermath.
The aftermath.

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Scottrade Center

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Roger Waters' The Wall Live
8 p.m. Friday, October 29.
Scottrade Center, 1401 Clark Avenue.
$55 to $199.

[Sean] has a crew under him of all of these young computer graphics people that carry out whatever he wants to do. It's been a pleasure to hang out with all of them and see how all of this stuff works and how they carry out what Roger wants. It's fantastic and really amazing.

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