"For me, it's a pretty gigantic disconnect," Pessoni says. "It's almost like I have to morph into a different person to play like this. It's the absolute opposite school of any way I've ever played in my life: real slow and deliberate and quiet. It's so dynamic, and I've always just bashed away."

In addition to playing someone else's songs, the band has to contend with the inherent lack of ego that is required for a job like this. The fans may be cheering and singing along, but it's clear that the audience is there because they love Pink Floyd but not necessarily El Monstero. "They're there because they love the music, and they might like you – 'Oh, that guy's cool!' – but anybody could do this gig," says Griffin. Pessoni seconds that thought. "We're all interchangeable. This is an animal with its own legs."

El Monstero: Wish you were here.
Paul Addotta
El Monstero: Wish you were here.

Location Info


The Pageant

6161 Delmar Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63130

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Delmar/ The Loop


El Monstero
8 p.m. Thursday, December 23, Saturday, December 25, and Sunday, December 26.
The Pageant, 6161 Delmar Boulevard.
December 23 and December 26 are sold out.
General Admission: $25 in advance, $30 day of show. Reserved Balcony: $35. Onstage seating: $47.50. 314-726-6161.

El Monstero has been able to fill the Pageant many nights in a row thanks to a dedicated fan base, which often lines the sidewalks outside the Pageant when tickets go on sale, and with the support of KSHE (94.7 FM). St. Louis' "Real Rock Radio" station has been a supporter of the show from the start. Gagnepain remembers meeting with KSHE on-air personality Favazz to drum up support. "We couldn't afford to buy any advertising, so I got with Favazz and said, 'How can we get some ad time without paying anything up front?' And we just worked out the deal with them where they kind of partner with us on the show, and in return they pimp the holy hell out of it." 

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