What's Cooking: What do Mexicans mean when they want "Mexican" food?

Dear Mexican: I was today alerted to the problem of trash dumped on the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and am trying to track down more articles about the issue. That is how I found you. There are lots and lots of piles of trash — looks like clothes — in a wash in Arizona. Can you tell me what's going on?
Previously Lived in California but Moved to Massachusetts Some Years Ago

Dear Gabacha: Not just clothes but also water bottles, backpacks, plastic bags, human excrement — at least 24 million pounds of trash collected on the Arizona-Mexico border since the beginning of this century, according to the Bureau of Land Management, and almost all of it dropped by Mexicans coming into this country illegally. But if you think the Sonoran Desert is trashed, then you should've seen the Bowery around the turn of the twentieth century. I'm not going to make excuses for the Sonoran Desert garbage dump, other than people running for their lives tend to leave things behind, and it's poverty that creates apathy toward neighborhood or environmental cleanliness — and it's not an illegal-only or Mexican-only phenomenon. Not that pointing this out will quiet the Know Nothings who send around the pictures you received as further proof of denying amnesty to Mexicans, an argument about as logical as using photos of the bleachers after a Boston Red Sox games to boot the team from the major leagues (and those fans got into Fenway Park LEGALLY and thus have more of a responsibility to keep their cathedral clean). On segunda thought, booting those bums ain't a bad idea...a Bucky Dent to you pendejos!

Dear Mexican: I am white and proud. While deciding where to eat, my fellow whites and I sometimes decide to "go eat Mexican." When Mexicans decide to "go eat Mexican," do they say it the way we whites do? Or, do they simply say, "Let's go eat"?
Big Dick in Dallas

What's Cooking: What do Mexicans mean when they want "Mexican" food?

Dear Gabacho: Hey, good luck with that white pride thing — I hear this country's turning pastier by the day! And I'm glad Whites still need their Mexican food to properly fuel RAHOWA. But racial stupidities aside, "Mexican" food to Mexicans is like "American" food to Americans: Our cookery is so varied that when we think about eating our food, we go by type of restaurant rather than a whole genre. If we want home-style cooking, we seek out a fonda, the rough equivalent to eating at an inn; if it's something a bit more formal but still casual, a cenaduría. If it's tacos we want, a taqueria por supuesto; the wonderful goat stew birria, a birriería; tortillas, the tortillería. Tamales? We find our neighborhood tamalero. Seafood palaces don't have a formal name but always attach either mariscos or siete mares (the seven seas) to their name, and regional Mexican restaurants — eateries that specialize in the food of a particular region of Mexico — use identifiers to let people know their secret, whether the name of a state (Casa Oaxaca), city (Las Brisas de Apatzingán in SanTana specializes in the food of that Michoaán city) or local nickname (if you ever see a restaurant with the word chilango in it, it's a Mexico City joint since that's the nickname of the metropolis' residents).

Oh, and while we're on the subject of food, gentle readers: if the "gourmet" food truck trend hasn't hit your 'hood yet, it probably will this year. Do the Mexican a favor and call them luxe-loncheras, because at the end of the día, these trucks have to park at the same commissaries as the so-called roach coaches, so they're really no different other than the luxe-loncheras will charge you four bucks for the same tacos the regular loncheras gives you for two.

GOOD MEXICANS OF THE WEEK! Xokolatl Café is all the way in the El Sereno neighborhood of Los Angeles, but what they do has national implications. They're returning chocolate to its Aztec and Mayan roots by using heritage cacao farms in Mexico to create chocolate drinks based from traditional recipes. You can read more about them whenever I finish my book on the history of Mexican food in the United States — in the meanwhile, visit xokolatlcafe.com and ask your local Chicano coffee shop to talk to them about how to help independent cacao farmers fight the Hershey's-fication of the world's best sweet.

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very typical--in fact, he's more subdued in his open racism than the ones i know of. he's a contemptible, contemptuous little snot. terms he uses in the article;;;1. the first fake letter asking him about the trash isn't signed with a name, but in his fake reply, he addresses the fake writer as female, calls her "gabacha"--it means "gringa", a contemptuous way of saying "white American female". tho' it's common in spanish to refer to people like this, it only applies to white Americans. a mexican is referred to as a mexican, a frenchman is referred to as a frenchman, a german female is referred to as a german female, etc. only Americans are called "gringo" or "gabacho"--NEVER referred to as "Americans". the reason? the commie push to call mexicans "also 'Americans', because we all live on the continent of north America--we are all 'Americans'" bullshit. in fact, some even carry this illogic further, and claim that SOUTH Americans are ALSO "Americans", because THEIR continent is called south America. how freakin' stupid and lying can people GET? (pretty stupid). even Carlos has fallen for this, and my spanish class teacher also informed us of this. i point out the truth, that in s. America, a venezuelan is called a "venezolano", and a guatemalan is called a "guatemalteco", etc, etc. NO ONE is called a "south American" unless someone asks them where the heck is venezuela. ("it's in south America"--"oh! then you're from s. America!"). more importantly, or should i say, MOST important of ALL, is that mexico's true, official name is "los estados unidos de mexico", (the united states of mexico), called "mexico" for short. MY country's true, official name is "the United States of AMERICA", called AMERICA. the states belong to AMERICA, my country's name IS America. that we're on the same continent of north America means nothing. an American is from America, a mexican is from mexico. OF COURSE. DUH. to make matters worse, which IS the commie's intention, is that commies around the world, in a united effort, have for decades been calling America "the united states", as if that were our name or something. it's NOT. sometimes, they call us "the USA", as if THAT was our name. it's NOT. our name is America, and we ARE Americans--the ONLY Americans on the planet. btw, "the united states" could also refer to mexico, since they also have states united into one country like we do. but no one ever calls them that. since the commies began this effort, in spanish, we are often referred to as "estadounidenses", instead of "Americanos". that, stupidly, literally means "unitedstaters", or "unitedstatans". how stupid. they're trying to take our very name, our very identity from us.

2. he calls Americans "pendejos", a vulgar cuss word meaning "stupid". it's a fighting word, and it's NOT used when you're talking to someone you don't know unless you're picking a fight. if you use the word with someone you know, you either have a free relationship with them where the word is permitted (like two female friends might call each other "bitches"--because they don't mean it), or else you are very angry, and either will have to apologize for calling someone that later, or else you ARE terminating the relationship. that he would use this word in a generalized sense referring to millions of people that he doesn't know, millions of people who will NEVER read his stupid, racist 'column", really says more about him than it does about us. he's a low-class, commie, racist bigmouth--he proves it by his using this word. 3. the next fake letter says he's full of "white pride". there's nothing wrong with that. everyone else is told to have black pride, asian pride, hispanic pride, "native American" (ie--American indian) pride, etc--even tho' their culture may have contributed NOTHING to the world, and is clearly inferior. but white pride is somehow "racist". fuck that! the white race has much to be proud of. if THEY can be so racist, SO CAN WE. if THEY don't like that, then THEY need to freakin' knock it off. if race is SO bloody important, then OUR race is AS important as theirs is, or MORE so, since WE at least have something to be proud ABOUT, unlike THEM. OR, if race is NOT important, then NEITHER is THEIRS. i know they try desperately to have it both ways, but the two ways are polar opposites and "ne'er the twain shall meert". so, in his fake answer, he uses the term "rawa"--something. it stands for "racial war something, can't recall. it's also the name of a band in canada (goth music). and btw, for accuracy's sake, let's recall that hispanic pride or latin pride is especially stupid when you realize that it's not even a race--they are mutts. 4. why does he have to make up racist letters from racist whites? is it because REAL whitres aren't as racist as he pretends? that REAL whites don't bother to read his pathetic, hateful little blog? i guess if he just wrote the truth, then no one would pay any attention to him. "i am a racist son-of-a-whore who is a commie, trying any way i can to genocide whites and take their possessions, and to enslave those whites that i don't massacre. i plan to sit on my ass all my life and enjoy their wealth as i force them to lick my boots as they wait on my every whim. i will have their females(whether they're willing or not) and i will own their wealth, and they will bless me and eagerly serve me in their gratitude for my allowing them to live. since i refuse to educate myself and make something out of myself--in order to have my OWN wealth--and i refuse to help correct the wrong things in my own community, such as ignorance, poverty, contempt for education, contempt for hard work, a glorification of the thug lifestyle, a love of ghetto rap and gangsta lifestyles, a love of ghetto mentality, etc, etc., instead of admiring those whose lives i want, i hate them for being superior, and will destroy them all and just take what they have, and i will prosper, since wealth will continue for me forever if i just TAKE it--no need to maintain it, no need to learn how to manage it, i'll just take more if i run out---and i in this blog am seeking like-minded supporters who will join our groups and help us accomplish our goals. of course, once we accomplish our goals, we will then enslave and destroy and murder YOU WHO HELPED US, because we sure don't want you doing to us what we're doing to the whites...." many hollywood movies, many books have been written about this very issue. consider spy novels--some crazy "genius" is trying to take over the world, and only one man can stop him. or the james bond movies--some crazy, evil genius is trying to take over the world, and only one man can stop him....so how does it end? first, in the books and movies, the evil genius is killed, because that's the ONLY way to permanently stop him. or the evil genius is locked up in a mental institution somewhere, an institution for the criminally insane. (in sequels, he escapes and plots again, and again must be stopped). apply this thought to this racist creep---not much difference between him and the evil, crazy genius, huh? except, of course, this creep is no genius--he's truly a dime-a-dozen--there are millions like him. among them, tho', ARE those who claw their way to the top of their dung heap (hillbillys and their ilk), but it's not that they're geniuses, it's that they are applying evil genius TACTICS that most people don't recognize, and therefore become victimized to them. point is-- all these evil, insane creatures plotting to murder most of the people in the world, and enslave the rest, and to rob everyone of THEIR possessions is so very common that it's almost normal. but it's not normal--normal is wanting to just live your life! these creatures ARE evil, ARE insane, SHOULD be stopped, but we are too squeamish. unfortunately, the enemies of mankind aren't sqeamish at all.

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