Point & Clique: The 2011 RFT St. Louis Web Awards

Point & Clique: The 2011 <i>RFT</i> St. Louis Web Awards

Here's to the geeks.

Here's to the guys who spend hours blogging about their obsessions. The gals who tweet their every thought in 140 hilarious characters or less. The citizen photojournalists who share their Flickr'd images with the world.

The RFT Web Awards are for you!

The Internet is no longer the province of the lonely, if it ever was. These days, we're more likely to make friends online than on a neighboring bar stool – and increasingly, the coolest kid in the room may be the biggest geek.

That's why the RFT is honoring the best of the Web for the first time ever this year. St. Louis' bloggers and vloggers aren't just making the Internet a more interesting place; by sharing their thoughts, their photos and (yes) even their status updates, they're building a real community – and St. Louis is better for it.

We received hundreds of nominations for this year's awards, and our able team of citizen judges spent hours combing through them, developing a list of worthy finalists and finally picking winners in 25 categories.

We encourage you to check out their websites, visit their YouTube pages and become a fan on Facebook. All 100-plus finalists have done amazing, interesting work. And isn't it high time you joined the cool kids' clique?

Best Neighborhood Blog

NOCO St. Louis

The Judges Say: What's true of all the nominees other than north county? They're all hip places to live. North county is not — but thanks to nocostl.com, it does have a hip blog. We enjoyed the vast array of posts: This website has everything from architectural reviews to a contest pitting ma-and-pa pizza joints against each other. And it's not just nicely written; it's laid out nicely, too.

Click here to read more on NOCO St. Louis.

Cherokee Street News – http://cherokeestreetnews.org
Visit the Loop – http://visittheloop.com
Tower Grove East – http://towergroveeast.org
Downtown St. Louis – http://www.downtownstl.org

Best Music Blog

I Went to a Show

The Judges Say: We like the clean design — it's easy to read and isn't fatiguing on the eyes when looking at a long post. It's easy to find what you're looking for, too. It's great to see the local-centric content, and it's nice that even though there are five distinct points of view here, there's also a unity to the site. It's a fun read.

Click here to read more on I Went to a Show.

Speakers in Code – http://www.speakersincode.com
5 Score Pachyderm – http://www.5scorepachyderm.com
KDHX Blog – http://kdhx.org/blog
Music of the Hour – http://musicofthehour.com

Best Sports Blog


The Judges Say: Joshua Bacott and Matt Sebek are the best one-two sports combo in St. Louis since Jack Buck and Harry Caray. They provide entertaining and humorous commentary on all St. Louis sports — sort of like a Deadspin for the local audience. We especially love the new video segments.

Click here to read more on JoeSportsFan.

Viva El Birdos – http://www.vivaelbirdos.com
Frozen Notes – http://frozennotes.com
Inside STL – http://www.insidestl.com/insideSTLcom/STLSports/SportsBlog

Best Personal Blog

Patrick Powers

The Judges Say: There's lots of fresh content here; Powers seems to post at least four times each month. And it's great to see him relate social media to an actual topic (higher education) — not just social media for its own sake — and promote organizations and professionals other than himself. This site feels like a St. Louis-based Mashable.

A Small Town Girl's Guide – http://www.smalltowngirlsguide.com
The Cubicle Chick – http://www.thecubiclechick.com
Cupcake Project – http://www.cupcakeproject.com
South City Confidential – http://southcityconfidential.com

Best Arts Blog

2 Buildings 1 Blog

The Judges Say: This is clearly the best of the blogs that cover arts happenings in town. And the site ups the ante by covering not only events that relate to its sponsoring institutions (the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts and the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis), but other arts events in town, too, particularly in the midtown neighborhood. It's laid out well, updated frequently and easy to read — and you can't beat the fact that it's basically two blogs for the price of one.

Saint Louis Art Map – http://www.saintlouisartmap.org
St. Louis Artists' Guild Blogs – http://www.stlouisartistsguild.org/new/blogs-various
Look/Listen – http://www.stlmag.com/Blogs/Look-Listen

Best Food Blog

Iron Stef

The Judges Say: There's something about the out-of-this-world recipes featured on Stephanie Tolle's blog that make our mouths start salivating. Whether she's combining bacon and bread pudding or putting Tater Tots on pizza, Iron Stef always keeps things interesting. The ingredients, step-by-step instructions and appetizing photos ensure that even novice cooks can achieve a delicious outcome.

Click here to read more on Iron Stef.

Andrew Mark Veety – http://www.andrewmarkveety.com
Sounding My Barbaric Gulp! – http://www.barbaricgulp.com
STL Hops – http://stlhops.com
Off the Eaten Path – http://offtheeatenpathstl.com

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Sammy Ming
Sammy Ming

the best blog i've seen come out of st. louis is an awareness blog called www.eyeswideblind.com. Very large following, I actually didn't know the staff was located in st. louis until recently.


Why oh why hasn't BuenoJoe.com been nominated. I sure hope they get some recognition in the next awards show


Virginia Kerr how do you feel about Kent Ehrhardt making sexually explicit comments about your attire? And what does your very attractive young husband feel about it.

Bruce Kyle
Bruce Kyle

wow thanks alot for the award guys very dissapointed I didnt get to go

Ross PR
Ross PR

So happy for all of you that won and were mentioned. Thanks@RiverfrontTimes for doing this. So just in case I missed anyone in my tweets Congrats


I hate that I missed the event! Congrats to everyone but especially my bros @rizzotees and @therisetothetop


Why didn't the RFT nominated showmedaily.org as a candidate for best political blog? The blog has frequent discussions of Missouri and St. Louis policy that go into much more detail and analysis than anything else nominated.

Tho, I don't understand how anything beat out Political Fix... That blog breaks news, whereas Fired Up! incoherently reacts to Political Fix's news updates and other independent reporting.

lisa mueller
lisa mueller

William. I ca't make it tonite now! My cousin Ashley Flinn would love to go. She's in the biz. Plus one. I won the tix today via FB. Back to the rough day, Lisa Mueller

lisa mueller
lisa mueller

This msg is for William. I am unable to come tonite. I won the tix via FB. Lisa Mueller. My cuz would love to have them. Ashley Flinn, plus one. She's in the music biz too. FB msg me back if u get this. Thanks a million. Now back to a rough day..


Props to Adam Shriver and St. Louis Activist Hub; my source for progressive discourse in St. Louis...

Mary Kathleen Crowley
Mary Kathleen Crowley

Thank you RFT for acknowledging some of St. Louis's best at what they love. You help keep St. Louis fresh and alive. All reports of the "death of St. Louis" pale in the people you have recognized. They have a zest and a feel for the topical. Thanks again.

Chris @ Rizzo Tees
Chris @ Rizzo Tees

Wow. WOW! Thank you judges, thank you RFT, thank you to my peeps at Scorch, and big thank yous to Falk Harrison for bringing me on. In the interests of full disclosure, Falk Harrison will be taking away my Internet access to ensure I get work done while on site. But I am taking steps to mitigate...... Hello Clear 4G Personal Hotspot! BWOOOHAAAHAAAHAAAAA!

David Siteman Garland
David Siteman Garland

An honor to take home an award! Looking forward to the event tomorrow night.

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