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@LadyGaga – Lady Gaga vs. the Westboro Baptist Church: "Tonight love and hate met in St. Louis. And love outnumbered the hate, in poetic thousands. Hate left. But love stayed. + Together, we sang."
@doctorfollowill – Kings of Leon and the infamous pigeon shit: "So sorry St. Louis. We had to bail, pigeons shitting in jareds mouth. Too unsanitary to continue."
@RobRains – Globe-Democrat story breaks online: "Important announcement: The sports staff at has resigned, effective July 21, to pursue other opportunities(more)"

Video of the Year

Shannon Howard's took the Best Neighborhood Blog honors.
Shannon Howard's took the Best Neighborhood Blog honors.
The IWentToAShow crew goes to shows... laptops in tow. They won Best Music Blog. Way to go!
Jennifer Silverberg
The IWentToAShow crew goes to shows... laptops in tow. They won Best Music Blog. Way to go!

Aquabats Stage-diving Kids

The Judges Say: This is a perfect example of a video destined for YouTube stardom — you're at a public event, and something awesome goes down, something that people would never believe if you didn't have the video to prove it. In this case, it was little kids getting hurled into the crowd at an Aquabats concert for a lesson in stage diving. It sounds irresponsible at best, but when you watch the video, mostly what you see is the great sense of community here: Everyone in the St. Louis crowd comes together like a big family. The video is both simple and outlandish at the same time — and it will absolutely make you wish you were at that concert.

Star Clipper's Walking Dead Commercial –
Corle 2 Da's So St. Louis –
The Other Guys Premiere Poll Winner Announced –

Best-Designed Site

Downtown St. Louis

The Judges Say: Natives may complain that St. Louis isn't an "exciting" city. But this site makes St. Louis look like it's bursting with culture, arts and music — with a bustling downtown packed with cool local businesses and great places to live. We love the clean navigation and engaging content, with a color scheme that echoes the look of printed materials from the Downtown St. Louis Partnership and the Gateway Mall. Even the haters would have a hard time not being impressed with this site.

Coolfire Media –
Music of the Hour –
Via Dove –

Meet the Judges

An award-winning producer, Web designer, graphic artist and photographer, Bill Streeter is also an occasional contributor to Riverfront Times. He created the music/culture podcast Lo-Fi Saint Louis, which won a Vloggie, was nominated for a Streamy and (full disclosure) is taking first place for Best Use of Video in Entertainment at this year's Point & Clique Awards. A Chicago native who moved here in the wake of the 2001 dot-com crash and has yet to look back, Streeter is currently producing a feature-length film, Brick by Chance and Fortune. You can find him at or follow him on Twitter @billstreeter.

Josh Kocurek lives his life as a 100 percent digital dude. Geek cred on his sleeve, Kocurek works as an associate brand manager at the experiential marketing agency Switch. (He describes his job as a mix of "lurking on social networks and putting new ideas in motion.") A lover of indie rock and electronica, Kocurek spends his free time playing video games, honing his tennis skills and belting out '90s pop at karaoke nights. He has a weakness for sushi and exotic teas and is currently trying to kick a nasty Angry Birds addiction. You can check out Kocurek's personal website,, or find him on Twitter @joshkocurek.

In the past decade alone, Michael Tomko has programmed and promoted a college radio station, managed recording studios in both St. Louis and New Orleans, wrote for national publications and blogs, toured the country as a musician, managed channel-partner programs for some of the world's largest software companies and produced music festivals and events. You can find him on Twitter @michaeltomko or check out his blog, DoYouReallyWantToHurt.Me. Disclosure: Tomko has been chief technology officer at the social-media firm Scorch, which works with clients including Rizzo Tees, Whiz-Tech Technology Café and Latitude 26. He is also the founder of Saint Louis Coworking.

Elizabeth Liebel is the marketing director for Auctori, "a multilingual, global content management system." Prior to that gig, she was social-media coordinator at a large marketing firm in St. Louis. She lists Seth Godin, Jay Baer, Amber Naslund and Scott Stratten as her current marketing-celebrity crushes/creepy obsessions. You can find Liebel via her website,; her Twitter feed, @STLScialMedia; or, on weekends, tearing up the dance floor.

As the RFT's Web editor, Will Melton produces and promotes content for our website — which he assures us is infinitely more amusing than his previous job working on viral-marketing campaigns for the Will Ferrell-owned Melton is a long-time blogger and podcaster who's written most recently for He lectures about social media at local universities and has spoken to the World Affairs Council. You can follow him on Twitter (for his work-related tweets) or @projectmelton (for his real-life obsessions).

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