One Foot In Front of the Other

Dance has the power to look great and entertain, but it also has the ability to make larger statements. With Steps, a dance concert presented by ANNONYArts, Laura Murphy takes advantage of the movement medium, combining physical grace and agility with a fair amount of messaging. In the space at Satori (3003 Locust Street), Rachel Brandt and Tom Brady present Murphy's work, which strives to illustrate how all humans share the burdens and joys of life. No one is ever truly alone, Murphy believes, and though it may seem like the weight of the world is all your own, it isn't — you just have to be willing to relinquish some of it. Steps is presented at 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday (February 24 to 26); tickets cost $10 and can be purchased by visiting
Feb. 24-26, 2011