That's one of the beautiful things about country music. People forget that a singer of such grace as Ray Price, some of his greatest vocal performances are on songs that you wrote and that Willie wrote. Maybe you have a tuxedo, but you're not known for that kind of polish.

Speaking of Ray, I can remember, he probably cut my first great song, "For the Good Times." He cut a whole album of my songs. That was about the time I was starting out on the road and performing myself. I'd been out there a year. I remember he flew all the way from Tennessee to some place I was working out near San Francisco, to talk me out of performing and get back to work writing songs! I was getting a lot of work and having success I'd never imagined before, so I didn't feel like giving up. But I appreciate him flying all the way out there to try to talk me into being just a songwriter.

Have you and Merle done any songwriting together?

Kris Kristofferson: Merle Haggard's biggest fan — and current tourmate.
Marina Chavez
Kris Kristofferson: Merle Haggard's biggest fan — and current tourmate.

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Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard
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We haven't written anything together. I've really enjoyed sitting on his bus listening to his songs. We haven't been together that much. I'm sure if I was 30 years younger, but I don't write songs as fast anymore. It's possible. I'm glad you said that. I'll think in that direction now.

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