It has been suggested that Colby is viewed within the organization as a [Cardinals player-development executive] Jeff Luhnow project, and that works against him because Luhnow has detractors.

I've heard that a thousand times. And it's probably accurate. Tony's been friends with [former Cardinals general manager] Walt Jocketty for a long time, and Walt Jocketty gets kind of canned, and it kind of appears Luhnow is the person that waved him out — you know, we're all just people. We have feelings. It don't surprise me if Tony looks at Colby and sees a little bit of this new-age baseball being kind of jammed down his throat. That just seems normal to me.

And it's not Colby's fault; don't get me wrong. But if that goes on, it's understandable. You got a new-age kind of thinking coming into an old-school mentality. And not just an old-school guy, but a successful one. Who's been more successful over the years than Tony and Dave [Duncan]?

The father of the St. Louis Cardinals phenom is never at a loss for words. But what he says might surprise you.
The father of the St. Louis Cardinals phenom is never at a loss for words. But what he says might surprise you.
"Personally, I think Tony's trying to get Colby to be a better baseball player."
Bill Greenblatt/UPI
"Personally, I think Tony's trying to get Colby to be a better baseball player."


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Colby seemed to have some trouble throwing the ball last year. Was there something wrong with his arm?

Here's the thing about him: If you tell him to not miss that cutoff man, that son of a gun will dribble that thing to the cutoff man. I'd tell him, "Hey, you look like your mama trying to throw! I mean, I'm like embarrassed to even watch it. What's going on?" He'd say, "They told me not to miss that cutoff man. I ain't missing that cutoff man." It pisses me off to no end. I mean, he's got a great arm. But you know what, if you tell him don't miss that cutoff man, he won't miss it. I guaran-damn-tee it.

If you jump on him, he don't pout or cry, but you know what? He'll just shut up. He won't ask you a question, he won't say nothing. He'll take what you told him, and he may not understand a hundred percent what you want him to do, but he'll go to the thousandth power to do it. And be worse because of it.

Is Colby happy? Is he unhappy? What's his emotional state?

I think he's — you talking about — about playing the game? I mean, he loves to play the game.

I mean, does he enjoy what he does? He's a professional baseball player. He's living the dream that so many kids have.

You know what, though? Most of 'em, when they get there, I'm not sure it's what some of them thought it was. There's a lot of work involved in being a pro baseball player. It's such a business. And the other thing about it — I've heard people say this, and it's probably true — it's probably not the best environment for a young kid to come up in, playing for Tony. I mean, it's just not. He is so rigid in a lot of the things he does, it probably takes a lot of the fun out of it for a lot of 'em. And don't get me wrong, it's not supposed to be fun anymore. That's what I try to tell Colby. They're making millions of dollars. The fun's gone, bud. It's all now about performing and putting up numbers. If he puts up numbers and does what he's supposed to do, everybody'll be happy.

I think he's figuring that out as he goes. And that's probably been the hardest thing for him to learn.

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