When would you say you became established as a performer in the local karaoke scene?

Definitely a long, long time ago, like over ten years ago. That's when people started recognizing me for who I was. I would walk into a place, and they'd be like, "Hey, John, are you going to sing tonight?" or, "Are you going to do Michael Jackson?"

Has your life changed as a result of this viral video?

John G spends five to ten hours a week practicing his karaoke craft.
Jennifer Silverberg
John G spends five to ten hours a week practicing his karaoke craft.

In general popularity, yes. People have begun to notice what I do. They have seen the video. I've even had people walk up to me on my job and say, "I've seen your videos. You're amazing! You're awesome!" And I might get a message over Facebook or a text message over my phone saying, "Hey, can you come down tonight?"

What is your favorite place to perform at in St. Louis?

Big Daddy's on the Landing and Big Daddy's in the Soulard area. Because those DJs have helped me throw the video out there on YouTube, they've let their friends see it, and they've actually helped me the most. The one in the Soulard area actually shows it on their big screen every now and then. He's shown it five times now altogether, and people actually like what they see, because when I had been there they'd be like, "Oh man, I just saw your videos. I think you're awesome! Where are you going to be performing next?" No words could explain how I feel about what's going on.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I'd like to thank my wife, Beverly, for her many years of support and helping me through this because she's been a very supportive lady. We've been married about thirteen years, and her birthday was just yesterday, and I love and I cherish her for everything that she's done and helping me to get out there to get the exposure I need because she believes in my overall ability to do the show. She believes also that I'm going to make it into the big time one of these days, and she really doesn't want me to stop until I get to that point, but she also wants to see me rest now and then. [Laughs]

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