Flex Boogie
DJ Flex Boogie gets it. He knows that a well-timed song — a hot new mix from Europe, maybe? A funk-influenced groove? — can get the crowd on your side and keep them there. It all comes back to dancing with Flex — it's one of the things that got him into playing music to begin with, and packing the dance floor is what keeps him at it. And as a favorite on the city's DJ scene (he says he's been spinning for almost two decades), he continues to amass new throngs of booty-shakers while keeping long-timers loyal. He can be found working his craft at some of the city's hottest spots, including Lola and the Upstairs Lounge. (RFT)

Rob Lemon
It's no shocker that Rob Lemon has been dubbed the Lord of the St. Louis House DJs. For more than a decade, Lemon has been spinning some of clubland's finest mixes. But if you can't make his gigs or you feel your moves are too...um...advanced for your fellow clubgoers to appreciate, don't despair: Lemon has generously posted some of his best mixes on SoundCloud and his personal website, www.roblemon.com, so you can get down whenever you feel like it. (RFT)


Sleepy Kitty Arts

Location Info



500 N. 14th St.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: St. Louis - Downtown

Lucas Park Grille

1234 Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: St. Louis - Washington Avenue

Dead or Pregnant
Serge Patel and Jimmy McMinn do not consider themselves DJs in the way of other party hosts in town. But they have carved out a healthy niche on the scene with a clearly stated goal: By the end of the night, everyone's either dead or pregnant. Joint ventures with artists including Night VSN, Dollar Bin, London Calling and Propaganda haven't hurt visibility, and the duo's own periodic nights at Sol Lounge feature versatile mixes of dance music. The Dead or Pregnant crew's last event was a late March house party after Get Serious to celebrate, among other things, McMinn's 30th birthday and Patel's new job. (KM)
8 p.m., Lola's Absinthe Bar

Get Serious
DJ Cor(e)yography has quickly established one of the best parties in St. Louis. What sets the night apart is its uniqueness; you get a different theme and guest DJs every time you attend. Recent theme nights have included Get Serious .ly Wobbly, a dubstep night with a guest appearance from Chicago's Nameloc, and Get Serious.ly Murdered in honor of Friday the Thirteenth. That one featured recent Webster High graduate and eclectic beat-making wunderkind Jay Fay, who could not be more different from dub. Cor(e)yography's New Year's bash brought together five club-night heavyweights for one of the biggest turn-of-the-calendar blowouts in the city. (KM)
7:45 p.m., RFT Outdoor Stage at 11th & Washington

Found Future
Mondays just wouldn't be tolerable in St. Louis without Found Future at the Upstairs Lounge. Woody Krummenacher and Josh Levi have been holding down the grown and sexy weekly spin at the South Grand institution since 2009, ensuring that your epic Tuesday-morning hangover was worth it. They're equally adept at dropping forgotten smooth disco and electro-boogie bounce, sprinkled among swagtastic hip-hop cuts and the latest remixes you haven't heard yet, from Sade and Gucci Mane to Diplo and Fred Falke. The dance party doesn't get started until late, but when it does, Levi and Krummenacher keep the floor full until the bartenders beg for mercy. (DB)

Kinky Disco
Scotty Mac's occasional party at the Upstairs Lounge has been going strong for three years. He plays an expert mix of insidious and good-vibes electronic music and has established a vaguely retro feel. Mac's been on the St. Louis scene for nearly twenty years, playing DJ sets around town and throwing these sorts of parties long before the current crop arose. In 2011, Kinky Disco will feature five installments: One was in January, another in April, and there will be one each in July, September and October. (KM)

London Calling
Like professional basketball and the name "Panera Bread Company," the DJ club scene has been a tough sell for some St. Louisans in the past. London Calling may not be singlehandedly responsible for the change in atmosphere, but it has certainly lit a fire under the asses of local hip-shaking hipsters ever since it was a fixture at South Grand's Upstairs Lounge. Now taking residency at the Gramophone, London Calling has become more than just a party: With the eclectic tastes of DJ Clockwork and his cohorts, as well as frequent out-of-town guests on deck, attendants might end up as cultured as they are sweaty. (RW)
2:45 p.m. & 4 p.m., RFT Outdoor Stage at 11th & Washington


18andCounting (a.k.a. Stan Chisholm) started out throwing his party at 2720 Cherokee before relocating to the Upstairs Lounge, where he made the _CommunityService_ moniker official and earned a weekly Wednesday-evening time slot. Chisholm, a 2010 RFT MasterMind Award winner, is also a visual artist who draws, paints and sculpts Styrofoam. But _CommunityService_ isn't esoteric performance art. With guest DJs ranging from Kase One to Ra Cailum to Luxxter, the night features an eclectic mix of dance-friendly electronics. (KM)
9 p.m., Club Amnesia

St. Louis can't get enough of the Force. The massive hip-hop collective has its own night, aptly titled the Headquarters, at everything-goes venue the Gramophone. The formula for the Monday-night residency is always the same: hip-hop, R&B, and soul spins and live rap sets from guys like Tef Poe, Black Spade and Nato Caliph. You never know who might be on the mic or commanding the turntables, but it's always guaranteed to be a see and be seen buffet of local talent. (DB)
6:30 p.m., RFT Outdoor Stage at 11th & Washington

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