Back in 2005, Aloha Mi'Sho received her first taste of national exposure as a top-twenty finalist on American Idol. She spent the next several years studying her craft and developing her talents, before the independent release of her debut EP Badd in 2010. Working closely with fellow up-and-comer Bradd Young, Aloha captured on Badd the kind of mass appeal that you may expect from an R&B diva. Her saucy vocals and pop-friendly tunes have inevitably drawn comparisons to Beyoncé Knowles over the years (even Randy Jackson has commented on the similarity), but Mi'Sho is working tirelessly to prove that she can be a star in her own right.
— Calvin Cox
8:15 p.m., Lola

Bradd Young
After being signed to a major label at a young age, Bradd Young decided to work behind the scenes as a songwriter and producer rather than a recording artist. In 2009, he decided he would do both. Young garnered national attention with strong R&B singles like "Grown Man" and "Girlz" and scored a top-30 hit when he produced the Yo Gotti/Lil Wayne collabo "Women Lie, Men Lie." The mega-talented musician learned to play several instruments when he was young, including drums, guitar and piano. His abilities have helped the rising star to build quite a résumé; his production credits go on to include Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Kelly Rowland and Talib Kweli. (CC)
7 p.m., Lola

It's difficult to classify Teresajenee. Is her sound hip-hop? Or straight-up R&B? Is her voice powerful enough for gospel or supple enough for soft pop? Is she St. Louis' answer to Lauryn Hill? Erykah Badu? Do we dare say Ella Fitzgerald? The Walnut Park native hasn't released any recordings since 2009's appropriately titled The Eklectic, but she promises that's about to change: Since January, she's been holed up in the studio working on part two of The Eklectic, which will contain live-band versions of some songs from the original album, plus new material. (RFT)
10:45 p.m., Lola

Sleepy Kitty Arts

Location Info



500 N. 14th St.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: St. Louis - Downtown

Lucas Park Grille

1234 Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: St. Louis - Washington Avenue

Bryant Stewart
Since Bryant Stewart released his A Perfect Change mixtape in December 2009, his buzz has grown exponentially. He's proved to be just as comfortable singing into a mic as he is rapping. Whether he's trading verses with Indiana Rome on "Living the Life," providing the hook on Nato Caliph's "Her" or holding it down solo on his single "We On," Stewart's talent speaks for itself. His newest project, Not Quite There, came out earlier this year and is available for download on his website. (CC)

Theresa Payne
As part of the Force collective, Theresa Payne's soulful vocals have found their way onto tracks with local veterans such as Rockwell Knuckles, Tef Poe and Indiana Rome. Her own single, "Glad I Found You," has been featured on the WHHL (104.1 FM) show STL Home Jamz, as well as at the weekly Monday-night Headquarters at the Gramophone. Be on the lookout for more live appearances and a debut EP in 2011.(CC)
8:15 p.m., Lucas Park Grille (Indoor)


Soul Alliance featuring CoCo Soul
There's no shame in being a cover band, but there's rarely much glory. Soul Alliance and its devastating diva Coco Soul couldn't care less about the latter. The group plays covers — from Rufus to Aretha to all soul and funk and even disco points in between — but they do so with absolute joy and total mastery of their instruments. With Mo Egeston dishing a dazzling range of tones and styles on the keyboards and Coco Soul prowling the stage like a panther in stiletto heels, Soul Alliance turns every gig into a party, a real party, where dancing and singing along to R&B chart hits isn't just for kicks. (RK)

The Missouri trio of Jae Ci, Santana and Angelo came together in 1999 to form the kind of R&B group with street sensibilities that may have been common more than a decade ago but is much harder to come by in today's music industry. MoTre was named local R&B artists of the year in this paper's 2008 Best of St. Louis issue, and the release of Imperfect Gentlemen is imminent. Its smooth harmonies and rap-ready melodies recall an earlier time, when groups like Jodeci and Blackstreet dominated the airwaves. MoTre is currently appearing at clubs such as the Gramophone to promote the single "Crush," which features former Capitol Records recording artist Ebony Eyez. (CC)
Midnight, Lola

Fresh Heir
St. Louis is woefully short on singing drummers — come on, where are the Karen Carpenters and Levon Helms hiding? Luckily, there's Nick Savage, who emits his sweet, soulful croon as he works the skins with Fresh Heir. The neo-soul band brings in-the-pocket grooves and an '80s uptown elegance to its songs. Fresh Heir's versatility allows the band to back up hip-hop acts like Earthworms with ease, but Savage and his bandmates can dish out Vocoder funk, 808 beats and Stevie Wonder-like workouts across the course of a set. (CS)
1:15 a.m., Lola


Good 4 the Soul
The brainchild of bassist John King, Good 4 the Soul is more than just another jazz quartet. Collectively, the East St. Louis-based group has decades of music experience, and its members have shared the stage with music legends like the Temptations and BeBe and CeCe Winans. Its talent and experience are immediately evident to anyone who's caught the group playing live for Jazz at the Bistro, where the group performs regularly. Although G4TS is an instrumental band, it doesn't hinder the group's versatility. Its repertoire reaches beyond jazz to seamlessly incorporate pop, soul, gospel and other contemporary styles of music. (CC)

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