Amazing Facts & Beyond: Beer Cans

Amazing Facts & Beyond: Beer Cans

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Back That Fact Up by Dan Zettwoch and Kevin Huizenga, a collection of "Amazing Facts & Beyond with Leon Beyond" strips can be purchased here!

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Leon...Beyond the law?

The 6/16/11 cartoon suggests that Leon has a good working knowledge of metal detecting and rock-hounding but he did a huge disservice to ethical treasure hunters.

DID YOU KNOW A state issued permit is required to detect our state parks including Cuivre River State Park? DID YOU KNOW With permit in hand he is only allowed to detect designated beaches from 7:00am to 9:00am Memorial Day to Labor Day; after Labor Day to Memorial Day during daylight hours? There are other permit restrictions that are clearly outlined on said permitOur hobby has enough to contend with when having to deal with do-gooder archies and bumble-crats. We certainly don't need a bunch of noobs with their Wally World Bounty Hunters tearing up our parks.If Cuivre River State Park sees an influx of illegal detecting and unexplained holes in the ground, Leon Beyond should be held accountable.

KenW AKA GopherDaGold

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