The 2011 Riverfront Times Music Awards Winners

There were some 150 artists nominated for Riverfront Times Music Awards this year, all deserving of praise for the ways they contribute to the rich music community in St. Louis. More than 3,000 of you voted in this year's poll, and the winners reflect the very best of what's happening in this city.

Several of this year's Music Awards winners also played our showcase, and you can find recaps of a few winners' sets by clicking their name in the list that follows. We will be doing these sorts of recaps more often in the future; you will be able to find them on

Best Folk: Cassie Morgan and the Lonely Pine

Best Americana (Rock): Pretty Little Empire

Best Americana (Traditional): Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three

Best Soul/R&B (Solo Artist): Theresa Payne

Best Soul/R&B (Group):Fresh Heir

Best Jam/Funk Group: Funky Butt Brass Band

Best One-Person Project: 18andCounting

Best Solo Artist (Female): Ellen the Felon

Best Solo Artist (Male): Javier Mendoza

Best Jazz Artist: Dave Black

Best Blues Artist: Roland Johnson and the Voodoo Blues Band

Best Rock Band: Kentucky Knife Fight

Best New Artist: Dots Not Feathers

Best Pop Band: Tight Pants Syndrome

Best Indie Band: Sleepy Kitty

Best Electronic Artist: Safety Words

Best DJ: Needles

Best Party: London Calling

Best Residency: Rapture

Best Noise Band: Spelling Bee

Best Experimental Artist: Bikini Acid

Best Punk Band: The Fuck Off and Dies

Best Hardcore Band: Shaved Women

Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist (Solo): Prince Ea

Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist (Group or Collective): Illphonics

Best Producer(s): Urban Legendz

Best Metal/Thrash Band: The Lion's Daughter

Best Hard Rock Band: Greek Fire

Best National Band: Bottle Rockets

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Bud Jostes
Bud Jostes are recognizing local musical talent. Thank You. But why would you award a category to a band/artist and not have anything to say about them ? Thought for sure when I saw the omissions in the weekly that I could go online and see more. That was not the case. Best that could be offered were links to old back issues of the RFT that had mentions of the artist unrelated to this poll. For example Roland Johnson " Best Blues Artist " Your reader learns nothing about his style or music. What gives ?

Byron B.
Byron B.

Congrats to all the Winners!!!!

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