LGBT History? Readers have lots to say about "Gay Old Times"

 FEATURE, JUNE 16, 2011
Life as we live it: Bravo, and thank you to the RFT for showing us the face of gay history in this city ["Gay Old Times," Melissa Meinzer]. But more than that, thank you to the people mentioned in this story and the thousands of other ordinary people living extraordinary lives as LGBT citizens and activists.

This story reminds me that history is important, but also that history is people — just folks living their lives, eating, drinking, reading, loving and standing up for themselves when they need to.
Michael Tramble, via the Internet

Mad props: This was a fabulous — incredible — article. Thank you so much for posting it, RFT — and thank you for writing it, Melissa.
Liz Hughes Wiley, via the Internet

End of the world as he knows it: I have a personal problem with the subtitle of the online article, "It's LGBT history to us. To them, it was life." The article clearly announces that the RFT is affiliated with the majority of the public, separate from the minorities talked about in the article itself. The segregation of "us" and "them," as well as the denouncement of LGBT history within the straight community, tells the community as a whole that we still have a long struggle to simply talk about our community as one complete entity. We have to share this world with other people, so why not treat each others as equal, or at least with respect?

While I commend the magazine for giving us the cover as well, the symbolism of the hourglass (to me) represents the near end of the LGBT community that is attributed to this segregation between the LGBT community and opposing groups. It makes me sad to see American journalism so fueled on the biases and opinions that reflect what the target audiences want to hear.
John Dyson, via the Internet

Get back in the closet: I've always known they were here; I just never gave it much thought as it didn't concern me in any way. Now that they have become so in-your-face about this crap with festivals and such, I just wish they'd all crawl back into their damned closets and stay there. And this crap with gay marriage is obscene to the max!
Alzari, via the Internet

Children need bigotry, too: Well said, Alzari. In their growing bombardment of our society with their message, what the gays refuse to acknowledge is that their choice of an alternative lifestyle is truly and fundamentally rooted in an atypical sexual preference. These photos in the RFT, gay pride parades, other public demonstrations and, in some communities, their frequent lack of propriety illustrates that. Their sexuality-laced message is not appropriate for many pubic forums — especially when children are present. They ignore this impropriety and attempt to indoctrinate our children though the media, entertainment and public-school systems.

I don't personally care what consenting adults do in their own private domiciles. But I am tired of the LGBT community's insistence that we must all accept their atypical sexual choices as a publicly acceptable topic — particularly when children are present. Do we eventually have to teach our children to cater to every possible sexual preference and fetish out there?
Nostreetbs, via the Internet

Get old and die: I guess you wish that the blacks would hide from you as well, you ignorant fucking rube. The world is moving on beyond 1955. Don't like it? The only solution I can suggest is that you somehow age faster and die already. Better yet, why don't you hide your bigoted ass in the closet, since you are the one with the problem?

Your bullshit Leave it to Beaver values never existed in the first place — at least not in any situation that wasn't a crappy black-and-white sitcom.
Ihatesuburbs, via the Internet

Fight for the right: God forbid that people celebrate who they are — or fight for rights that so many other people just take for granted.
GuardBrian, via the Internet

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Le Petomaine
Le Petomaine

Oh, these diatribes are hilarious. Sorry folks, gays are EVERYWHERE. Closet or 'Baton Bob' doesn't matter. They are a vibrant part of our society and not just in the stereotypic 'great white way' venues either. We even had one as a President if his private letters are to be believed. He sucked (couldn't help it) but what can you do? The history of gay culture from red ties through mattachine through WWII, Stonewall, on and on is fascinating and is a part of AMERICAN history and culture as much as Parliament and Funkadelic and Lil' Bocephus. Sorry folks, it's out, it's not going away, so embrace it. Twinks and Queens and Bears OH MY!


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Noah Turner
Noah Turner

More Blowback - I will like to expound on everything wrong with Alzari's and Nostreetbs's perspective. No one should have to be in any closet, or silenced by a real fear of oppression. This goes for gay and lesbian citizens' civil rights, minorities' civil rights, different religious groups' rights to worship etc etc... If you think an American needs to be closeted because of their sexual orientation, or that minorities should lay low to avoid discrimination, you are openly signifying that oppression should reign. Citizens whose habits and preferences are different from your own must not be inhibited or forced to lie to themselves and others by imprisoning themselves in silence. How long will you live before someone finds a reason to oppress you? Whom, then will you supplicate to end your plight of injustice?

Your views are completely un-American. Though you live in this country which provides you freedom to voice your views, they are unwelcome to the rest of us who are grateful to live here. America is free, and every one of us is able to exercise choice and no one will apologize to you for choosing not to be silent. You are clearly filled with hate and fear. Your life would be better-lived by accepting, if not embracing, peoples' differences. And while you attempt that, show some gratitude for this great country which grants freedom to those whom you hate and fear to be what they want, say what they want and live in their own pursuit of happiness.

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