But Martin did concede in the deposition that if the RFT quoted him accurately, his remarks would have both been false and a breach of the settlement.

Pleban, Bergfeld's attorney, has subpoenaed our digital recording of the interview we conducted with Martin on the day we talked about Bergfeld. Pleban has also asked for all of our notes and recordings from our time with Martin; we believe that's a fishing expedition, and our lawyers intend to fight the subpoena vigorously.

But the conversation in question was on the record, and we stand by our story. If you want to hear audio of the quotes in question, click here.

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I know I certainly couldn't remember what I said six years ago - I doubt if I can remember accurately what I said yesterday! On the other hand, I believe I would be a lot more circumspect and avoid any conversation which my be construed to have violated the settlement of a lawsuit against me. It sounds like Mr. Martin doesn't think before he shoots - and then falls back into denial.....


and yet your here reading it....

Amazes me people say this shit, if this is such a "liberalist" agends why is your tea-baggin' self here reading the paper? Shouldn't you be reading your version of the truth? Hmmmm....


He can't remember details from six years ago? I can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday. What a non-story perpetuated by a liberalist agenda.

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