The Potomac Accord

9 p.m. Saturday, September 3. The Heavy Anchor. 5226 Gravois Avenue.

Whatever direction piano-oriented indie rock takes in St. Louis, the Potomac Accord will be there, if only unconsciously, in shadows and echoes. Formed as a trio in 2000, the band, led by quavering singer, guitarist and keyboardist Andy Benn and drummer Jerry Green, released two studio albums: Silver Line On a Black Sea and In One-Hundred Years the Prize Will Be Forgotten, and toured far and wide on the dark, lyrical strength of its glow-through-the-gloom sound. Somewhere between New Order and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, the band erupts into Neil Young guitar grinds and post-jazz improvisations when you'd least expect it.

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The Heavy Anchor

5226 Gravois Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63116

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: St. Louis - South City


$5. 314-352-5226.

What To Expect: After a four-year respite, who can say precisely where the Potomac Accord is headed, but fans of experimental, pop-conscious music should follow.

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John Popper here from Blues Traveler. I used to be a massive whale of a man, clocking in around 350 pounds. Then I saw Chris Barron's skinny ass on MTV playing If You Want to Call Me Baby, aka Two Princes, and I realized to be as glamorous and successful as Spin Doctors I needed to shed a few pounds. I gazed into his crusty beard and patchouli laced clothing and realized the man I needed to emulate was right in front of me. I didn't adopt the beard and clothing, but I did lose the weight and Blues Traveler has tried to write music as great as Spin Doctors ever since. I imagine since Spin Doctors have embraced this STL band The Potomac Accord, then they too must be crusty bearded patchouli laden men of much greatness.


Chris Cornell here of Soundgarden. I'm looking forward to this new single of Potomac Accords if it's anything like Little Miss Can't Be Wrong. I was thinking about quitting music and becoming a trashman when that song came over the radio in my darkest hour. It inspired me to write Spoonman and the rest of rock n roll history. All I can say is God bless you Chris Barron


I hope The Potomac Accord plays that new hit single of their, produced by the legendary lead singer of Spin Doctors Chris Barron, called "Little Mister Can Be Right." I love that jam.


I heard The Spin Doctors are going to help produce Potomac Accords next album called More Pockets Full of Kryptonite


True story, I ran into Chris Barron in Bushwick Brooklyn in Aprilof 96 and he told me to look out for this band called Potomac Accord from St Louis. I had him autograph my chest while I stared into his beard full of crusty ketchup and mustard


The singer is good and all, but he doesn't even touch the talents of Chris Barron, lead singer of Spin Doctors.

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