The City Museum's Unwelcome Guest

Since December 2010 Max Cassilly has been legally prohibited from entering one of St. Louis' most popular attractions: the City Museum, which is owned by his father, Bob Cassilly.

The younger Cassilly, 25, also is barred from his father's home.

The injunction keeping him away was obtained by Max's stepmother, Bob Cassilly's wife, Giovanna. Giovanna Cassilly, who owns a clothing store at the City Museum, petitioned for an order of protection on December 10 of last year, alleging that her stepson had repeatedly threatened to kill her.

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The order was granted in city court by Judge Robert A. Ward and remains in effect until December 21, 2011. It prohibits Max Cassilly from being within 100 feet of Giovanna Cassilly, her workplace, her car and the house she shares with his father.

Giovanna Cassilly believes the behavior that caused her to seek the protection of the court goes a long way toward explaining the violence that befell Max Cassilly earlier this month.

"I foresaw something horrible happening," Giovanna Cassilly tells Daily RFT.

As Daily RFT first reported, Max Cassilly was shot repeatedly on August 13. At 6:20 that morning, two armed men appeared on his doorstep in the 3600 block of Montana Street. After his roommate let them into the apartment, the pair opened fire on Cassilly with automatic rifles, hitting him in the arms and legs.

A spokeswoman for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department initially informed Daily RFT that Cassilly knew his assailants, one of whom was captured soon after the shooting, and that detectives were attempting to establish a motive for the attack. In a subsequent statement, the police department announced that investigators are exploring robbery as a possible motive and that "there is much more" to the incident than initially believed.

Max Cassilly, who spent more than a week in an intensive-care unit, hasn't responded to our requests for comment. His father also hasn't returned our calls.

But last week, Bob Cassilly granted an interview to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. On August 24, in the Post's first and only story to date about the brutal attack, gossip columnist Deb Peterson quoted Cassilly as saying he doesn't think there was "any kind of a personal motive," and that the shooting was likely part of a robbery attempt. Peterson's story included a description of the shooting, its aftermath and the ongoing investigation, but no mention was made of Max Cassilly's history of disturbing behavior.

"I'm a wreck," Cassilly told Peterson. "Max is all well and rested, and I look like the one who has been shot."

The day after the Post published Peterson's story online, Giovanna Cassilly contacted Daily RFT, expressing frustration and disappointment that her husband had glossed over the problems in Max's personal life.

"I would like to say that Bob could have expressed himself a bit clearer and said, 'It's an ongoing investigation. It's a miracle that Max is alive, he's recovering. We hope this is a turning point for Max, that he can stop drinking and whatever else he's doing,'" Giovanna Cassilly says. She also wishes her husband had urged his son "to cooperate and tell the truth."

Max's mother, Gail Cassilly, says her son is on the mend but is still in no condition to speak to police. She says Judge Ward's order of protection is old news and has nothing to do with the shooting. She strongly objects to her son's stepmother speaking out.

"There's nothing to be printed here until the police conduct an investigation and deem that there is something newsworthy," Gail Cassilly tells Daily RFT. "This is just people talking now, and it's hurtful, and it's not helping my son. In the meantime opinions, comments and stuff based not on fact are not appreciated and are not at all welcome."

Giovanna Cassilly says her only goal is to ensure her stepson gets the help he needs.

"I didn't take [the voicemails] personally," she says. "It's a kid, [an] adult, crying out for help. I wanted him to get some help. Now is the time for the parents to be pressing for the truth of what his activities are. It's best for Max."

Giovanna Cassilly shared with us a letter her attorney sent to Max and Gail Cassilly in May.

In his letter, attorney Sam J. Alton pointedly reminds Max Cassilly that the order of protection is still in force. Alton goes on to allege that a surveillance video captured the young man defying the injunction by sneaking into the City Museum after hours and bringing guests with him, and that Max sneaked into the Cassillys' home in north St. Louis — violations that could be grounds for arrest.

"The multiple threats against [Giovanna Cassilly] are serious and, she fears, indicative of what may be a bigger problem involving addiction," Alton writes. "Giovanna is concerned with her safety; however, she is also concerned with the safety of other family members, including Max. It is our client's desire that those with influence over Max convince him to enter a drug addiction and/or rehabilitation program before his dangerous behavior escalates. No interested party wants this or any other unfortunate occurrence to happen to Max."

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concerned anonymouse
concerned anonymouse

In saint louis there is a saying .. if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute...

well.. that applies to people here as well as weather conditions.. "just wait a minute"...


Seems she likes to file RESTRAINING ORDERS against a lot of people .. not just her step son !

She has filed a RESTRAINING ORDER against the OWNER of the city museum.. against BILLIONAIRE David Jump.

She's trying to get access to all Bob Cassillys OLD plans.. scrap metal.. etc.. so she can sell it not doubt.. not that she herself is going to start doing metal sculpture or even KNOWS how to read a set of schematics/blueprints.

The guy she filed this NEWEST restraining order against is literally the financier of the whole city museum and its endeavors... for some reason.. this owner had Giovanna Cassilly barred from the building --- in response.. she files a restraining order...

Im starting to see a pattern here.. Giovanna is shady... she's got a lawyer who specializes in restraining orders.. put the two together.. and anyone she has screwed over gets one served to them to shut them up... smear them... make their life hard.

Rumors have run amok about OTHER reasons for this newest clash of the titans --- underworld connections? I sure HOPE not ! But no one can deny.. THAT is the main rumor about "giovanna" right now in St. Louis... maybe she should take the last name of "soprano".. if you know what I mean ---

And lets hope they let this comment stand.. Im not saying anything here that isn't already known/talked about / rumored daily here in St. louis !

If its OK to suppose things about MAX Cassilly from being barred from the City Museum by Giovanna Cassilly.. then lets do a little supposition about Giovanna---- what does it say about her that she's barred by the owner of the museum from entering it ?!


Well, we have something new NOW, don't we? Bob Cassilly has been murdered at his Cementland site and it is being covered up. Hopefully the truth will eventually come out. Just follow the money.....


Hitpiece, for someone who claims to have tons of facts that proves "this goes straight to the top" (whatever in the world that means) you didn't publish one new, provable fact, and engaged in the very rumor mongering you claim you abhor. And are you insinuating the RFT and Gigi have conspired to conduct a "hit" on Max Cassilly, that they are actually involved in the shooting" (cue Twilight Zone theme)? Sorry, your post was, uh...unimpressive. Meantime, RFT appears to simply have posted the facts that are on the public and court records, talked to the stepmom to get her side (she's not happy with her husband's handling of this mess) and seems to be scared to death of her stepson, for good reason. Only out of control people leave death threats on voice mails. Repeatedly. The court agreed. The shoot up at Max's apt. (why is he staying in that part of town?) follows the restraining order and Max's violation of it. Anyone see a pattern here?


theres a WHOLE part of this story that is missing.. it will be revealed on youtube .. i have spoken with the family, police, and will be attempting to get a hold of this MM journalist.

MM has NOT done investigation on this.. rather reported rumor from a disgruntled ex-relative.

Im have looked deep into this and HAVE asked a pertinent question.. what does max cassilly's restraining order, and giovanna cassilly have to do with the shooting?!

theres WAY more to come folks.. and you won't believe where this trail leads. ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP.

Videos are made and distrubuted already.. all that I need now is the interview with MM to find out her connection to all of this.. i.e.. how long has she known Giovanna personally, and also how is it that one suspect was never caught and the other is now rumored RELEASED.. even though I have the police audio (already on youtube and mirrored on a dozen anonymous sites).

point is, this story, referring to the VICTIMS mother as a drinker etc.. total hit piece and the lawyers statement seals the deal !

THERE IS A CONNECTION BETWEEN THE RESTRAINING ORDER AND THE SHOOTING IN MY OPINION ! The elements are there .. and this is going to make a great 20/20 youtube piece.

RFT.. they aren't clean on this either.. there is a connection with them as well.. but thats another story to come already videos made and distributed. Since there is an underworld element at play here... It should be noted that I was drawn into this when the NWO idiots decided to SMEAR ME as a drug dealer etc.. because of a personal friendship I have with the Vicitm..

This story is an atrocity to real journalism .. the RFT has gone way over the line and now directly through this story has not only RELEASED THE NAME OF THE VICITM WHILE THE Purps are still at large, but now other people INTERNATIONALLY are using this story to hurt non-related parties like myself---- just because im friends with max !!

MM... you've got a thing or two to learn about investigating ... I was able to find out the reporters connection to this story in about 20 minutes online ! LOL



Gi is just bored.


It's not a "private matter" anymore, at all. There is a restraining order -- making it a public law enforcement matter--against Max, who was just a victim of a violent attack under extremely suspicious circumstances, and who blatantly violated the order just prior to the shooting, with a bunch of his "friends." And he violated the order that prohibits him from entering the City Museum, where thousands of people, most of them kids, come every week. This is a situation that is spinning out of control, and certainly requires public scrutiny and police attention at this point. Something even worse could happen.

Furthermore, you have evidence that the father, Bob "I don't have to follow the rules because of my massive talent and intellect" Cassilly clumsily attempting to cover all this up by using the gossip columnist of the P-D, and in the process enabling his son's major problems (which the court documents describe as alcohol and drug addictions) and scaring the cree-app out of the stepmom, who felt a need to go public out of fear for her family and her own life. Wake up.


Stop bitching to the public about privet matters...if max needs help then take steps to do so, dont make them open to the public eye which will most likey deppress him and make him want to use him love and understanding and help him grow. It pretty obvious that max need people right now...


Same story? This article reveals specifics of the judge's orders, Gigi's attorney's letter to Max and Gail, and further documents possible serious out of control drug use that may be fueling Max's erratic behavior. It also documents video evidence that Max violated the order of protection -- that's serious, and alarming--and the father apparently did nothing about it, and even covered it up. No wonder the stepmom is miffed at her husband's enabling and scared out of her mind.


How many times are you going to write the same story, almost, if not, EXACTLY? Milk a different cow, you should be embarrassed as a journalist.


What's with this? This is the very same article that appeared last week...absoutely nothing new here. Ho Hum.


Yeah, yeah... big story. Local, sorta-rich, A-hole kid has fights with family and drinks/does drugs, then gets shot. Get ready for that pulitzer!

This story happens every day in ghettos and cities all over the country, but since this one involves white people with money, it's suddenly "news".

author, you belong at TMZ, not a "newspaper".


Wow, has anyone here ever had a kid on drugs or who abused alcohol? Underneath those issues are deep rooted issues that have gone unresolved. Before anyone blatently blames this kid for anything, walk in his shoes one time. He came from a divorced family which is always tough on kids, he carried anger, resentment, and bitterness, as he saw his family and now safe place (CM) taken away as well. What kid would not be angry? Instead of restraining orders against him, work with this guy, find out what makes him tick. He isn't a bad kid, his father knew that. His father would have been the last one to judge him. Its a shame it had to come to restraining orders, especially at this sad time. Hopefully he will get the chance to say good bye to Bob. I think not allowing this would be a greater wrong, and hurt his father. No kid is perfect, but you don't toss them aside, instead, you work with them, build them up, stand by them. That is what Bob would have done.

concerned anonymouse
concerned anonymouse

see my top latest comment mr focus.. .. oh what a difference 2 months makes !


Max Cassilly violated a restraining order barring him from an facility that has thousands of kids going in and out of it daily, after repeated death threats toward his stepmother. Then he is critically injured in a shooting smack in the middle of south STL, with tons of people living all around him, then is father tries to front for him and po's his wife. Yeah, nothing to see here!


WTF is a "schill?" I'm hardly "shilling," if that's what you mean. The tragic death of Bob just underscores what I stated weeks ago: lots of bizarre stuff happening, and Father Cassilly displaying increasingly poor judgement in all matter of things. This culminated in Bob deciding to fire up his bulldozer alone at night, with no one spotting him or staking out his route (pretty basic for using heavy machinery like this), working on a steep grade, and not telling anyone where and what he was doing. Reckless, and his death is now a needless tragedy.

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