"Wait," I tried, wanting to know why he was so down on the Cards' chances. "Do you really think the Rangers are that much better?"

He stopped for a moment and considered. He blew a breath out between his teeth. "You know, I was born and bred in this here river, and I've followed this team my whole life. The Rangers are a better team. Rotation is stronger, the lineup is deeper, the bullpens are a wash. Tough to really see it any other way."

I needed to know what this brilliant beaver thought, so I asked. "So, what's your prediction? Rangers in five? Six?"

This crop of October Cardinals just beat 
the Beast, but now they need a new animal.
UPI/Brian Kersey
This crop of October Cardinals just beat the Beast, but now they need a new animal.

He thought it over a moment more, then grinned a beavery grin at me. "Nah, Cards in six. The Rangers are better, but this team's just too much fun right now."

I nodded, feeling a grin of my own rising. He waved to me as I turned away. Halfway back to my car I heard his crane fire up as he continued working on his dam. "You know," I thought to myself, "maybe he really is the right critter for the job after all." He clearly sees the flaws with this team, acknowledges the Rangers are better on paper, and he still thinks it'll probably go the Redbirds' way. Just because. Too much mojo, you might say. The head bet would be Texas, but a mascot should really be about heart, right?

So I present to you, dear readers, my nomination for the Cards' World Series mascot: Larry the Sabermetric Beaver. He knows this team shouldn't be here, but also understands sometimes you just can't explain the magic of October. I've presented my findings to the council, and they'll rule on it soon. In the meantime, though, I'm starting my own grassroots campaign for Larry. I don't have any towels or T-shirts made up yet, but I do have the support of a very realistic animal who just might be willing to use his magical dam-building skills to help shore up a rotation and bring home a win. So who's with me?

Oh, and I have 10,000 Larry the Beaver shirts on order already, along with a sweet spot selling them on a really busy section of street up on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive by Sarah Street. I think this is going to be the best World Series week ever.

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