Earlier this year, contributors to The Best Show on WFMU were promised Rated GG, a compilation of "cleaned-up" cover songs. "It's a way to diffuse the deification," Scharpling explains. "He wasn't a messiah. He was a troubled guy who acted like a complete dirtbag and did time in jail for his actions. The notion of neutering his message made perfect sense. But the songs really hold up!" After some delays, Rated GG is due in December with contributions from the likes of Ben Gibbard, Ted Leo, the Mountain Goats and Fucked Up. Scharpling is keeping mum on details, but he does promise "a strummy doo-wop tinged acoustic number that will be the song of the summer."

What would Allin himself have made of this renewed attention? "GG predicted it," says Yarmouth. "He always said people would make money off him once he died. So many bands want to be taken seriously as being hardcore punk or whatever, so they will say they love GG. Some truly are legit, I'm sure, but many are just doing it to give them street cred."

Dan Zettwoch

One wonders whether the GG Allin of "Don't Talk to Me" — scatological, rude, but not yet scarily unhinged — had any idea what the next decade had in store. He's obviously not available for comment, and brother/executor/bassist Merle Allin did not respond to repeated interview requests. But it's striking that "Don't Talk to Me" concludes on a dark note: "I'd like to tie your hands and feet and put you in a sack." Allin went to jail in 1989 for allegedly assaulting a woman with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder.

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