The 2011 Unreal News Challenge

32. Speaking of Maria Chappelle-Nadal, whose concert was she attending when she allegedly told state representative Jamilah Nasheed that if she had a knife, she'd slash her throat?
A. The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra.
B. U2.
C. The Murder City Players.
D. Lil Wayne.

33. What reason did University City activist Elsie Glickert give for opposing the Chuck Berry statue in the Delmar Loop?
A. "Chuck Berry is a felon."
B. "Chuck Berry can't even sing anymore."
C. "'My Ding-a-Ling' is one of the stupidest songs ever recorded."
D. "For God's sake, Joe Edwards, don't you know Berry is from the Ville, not U. City?"

34. In May Christy Harris and Jesse Moore were busted for a three-state thieving spree. What did they steal?
A. Sudafed from Walgreens.
B. Used grease from restaurants.
C. Wrecked school buses from junkyards.
D. Stop signs from suburban intersections.

35. What prompted St. Louis police and liquor-control officers to conduct an undercover investigation culminating in a raid of Red 7, a nightclub on South Broadway?
A. Reports that Red 7 bartenders sold alcohol and tobacco products to minors.
B. Reports that Red 7 was a money-laundering and bootlegging enterprise operated by Russian mobsters.
C. Reports that Red 7 was a swingers' club that encouraged and abetted all manner of hanky-panky.
D. Reports that Red 7's beverage supply consisted of stolen Anheuser-Busch/InBev products.

36. Why did 78-year-old Verna Gremaud install a beehive in a community garden in the tiny north-county hamlet of Vinita Park?
A. Verna was fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a beekeeper.
B. Verna hoped bees would help pollinate the garden.
C. Verna wanted to generate revenue for Vinita Park by selling honey.
D. Verna thought the bees would deter vandals.

37. What measures did the Missouri Department of Natural Resources take to aid families who lost their homes to floods this past spring?
A. DNR supplied temporary housing facilities.
B. DNR waived camping fees at Missouri state parks for flood victims.
C. DNR personnel worked around the clock for the duration of state and federal cleanup efforts then pooled their overtime wages to create a fund for displaced residents.
D. DNR conducted free seminars on how to construct a treehouse and provided all necessary hardware and other materials.

38. Which municipality became the first in the St. Louis metropolitan area to recognize same-sex partnerships?
A. The City of St. Louis.
B. Chesterfield.
C. Vinita Park.
D. University City.

39. How much did Citizens for a Stronger St. Louis end up paying per vote in order to keep the city's 1 percent earnings tax?
A. $1.00.
B. $10.00.
C. $15.00.
D. $0.10.

40. What name did John Lamping, a Republican state senator from Ladue, propose for the new bridge over the Mississippi River that's currently under construction north of downtown?
A. The Boondoggle Bridge.
B. The Truman-Lincoln Bridge.
C. The Cubs-Cards Bridge.
D. Lamping's Bridge.
E. The Bridge to Nowhere.

41. In September the food truck Mangia Mobile changed its name to avoid confusion (and litigation) with the restaurant Mangia Italiano. What is the food truck's new name?
A. Sicily Streat.
B. Cha Cha Chow.
C. Gabagool!
D. The Original T-Rav Mobile.

42. Brentwood city administrator Christopher Seemayer pleaded guilty in June to charges of embezzling $30,000 from city coffers. How did Seemayer spend the ill-gotten loot?
A. He used it to pay for his son's college tuition.
B. He blew it at the Casino Queen.
C. He bankrolled his secretary's breast-enlargement surgery.
D. He spent it shopping at the Brentwood Promenade to help pay off the shopping center's TIF.

43. Complete this statement U.S. Rep. Todd Akin made during an interview with the Family Research Council: "At the heart of liberalism is..."
A. "...the belief that all men and women are created equal."
B. "...a soft, creamy center not unlike that of a Cadbury Creme Egg."
C. " insatiable urge to spend taxpayers' money."
D. "...a hatred of God."

44. The term "Knockout King" entered the local lexicon in 2011 after the murder of an elderly south-city resident. But the "game" itself — the object of which is to cold-cock an unsuspecting stranger, often in broad daylight — isn't new. By what name was it known back in the 1980s?
A. Southside Wild.
B. One-Punch Sucka.
C. Mama Said Knock You Out.
D. One-Hitter Quitter.

45. How does the metro-east municipality of Washington Park intend to repurpose the building that once housed its public library?
A. Turn it into a shelter for abused dogs.
B. Turn it into a community center.
C. Turn it into a topless club.
D. Tear the fucker down.

46. More than 9,000 citizens "liked" the Save St. Louis Del Taco page on Facebook, created in response to a local developer's plan to raze the flying-saucer-shaped fast-food landmark. How many opponents of the proposed demolition attended the June 24 meeting at which the city's board of aldermen was scheduled to discuss the structure's fate?
A. 0.
B. 100.
C. 500.
D. 1,000.

47. This past summer Boeing announced that it had teamed up with the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and come up with a new form of biofuel derived from __________.
A. Corn.
B. Soybeans.
C. Pond scum.
D. Honey.
E. Marijuana.

48. Which restaurant did the St. Patrick Center, a Catholic charity that benefits the homeless, boot from its "Dine and Donate" fundraiser this past summer?
A. Hooters.
B. The Tilted Kilt.
C. Protzel's Delicatessen.
D. Imo's Pizza.
E. Chick-fil-A.

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