The 2011 Unreal News Challenge

49. What percentage of Missouri lawmakers do not have college degrees?
A. 2 percent.
B. 7 percent.
C. 16 percent.
D. 28 percent.

50. Which St. Louis restaurant is the subject of a reality TV show airing on Oprah Winfrey's cable network?
A. City Diner.
B. Crown Candy Kitchen.
C. SweetArt.
D. Sweetie Pie's.

51. According to Joe Kriegesmann, a.k.a. Satan's Master, what acts would not be on display at the Facility, a BDSM club he spent most of 2011 fruitlessly attempting to open in south St. Louis?
A. People flogging each other in elaborate patterns.
B. People binding themselves to pillars with Saran wrap.
C. People shocking one another with ultraviolet wands.
D. People having sex.

52. Which of these statements was not made by former Cards center fielder Colby Rasmus' outspoken father, Tony?
A. "If Tony [La Russa] thinks it's so easy to be a spray hitter, how come he's never out in the batting cages?"
B. "Colby was not a great hitter in high school, and he's still not a great hitter."
C. "Tony [La Russa] needed pitching and wanted to force the GM into making a trade, so he belittled Colby to the fans."
D. "I don't want him to tell me anything that goes on. What's said between his coaches and him is his business. Nobody that teaches hitting wants to be second-guessed by somebody's dad. That just sounds like horseshit."

53. What is so unusual about Norman "Justice" Vick, a part-time security guard at St. Louis City Hall, and Lawrence "Pac" Pinkston, a part-time utility worker with the city's forestry department?
A. They are identical twins who were separated at birth.
B. They are members of the Wheels of Soul motorcycle gang.
C. Thanks to the part-time schedule, they were really one man doing two jobs.
D. They are German shepherds, the first two hires in the city's pilot animal-worker program.

54. What evidence bolsters the claim made by the late Bill Bangert, founder of the tiny west-county hamlet of Champ, that he was the world's strongest mayor?
A. He was a St. Louis Golden Gloves boxer.
B. He carried the 778-pound Dinnie Stones across a seventeen-foot bridge in Aberdeen, Scotland — and back.
C. He finished second in the 1952 AAU shot-put tournament, even though he was blind.
D. All of the above.

55. What did White Flag Projects gallery founder Matthew Strauss stipulate regarding entries for his August 2011 show, Für Elise?
A. All pieces must, in some way, feature a yeti.
B. All pieces must honor Beethoven.
C. All pieces must be created from pet hair.
D. All pieces must be conceptual portraits of Strauss' great-aunt Elise.

56. In March a pair of animals attacked a group of dialysis patients at Kenrick Plaza in Shrewsbury. What species were they?
A. Mountain lions.
B. Canada geese.
C. Elk.
D. Prairie chickens.

57. The Saint Louis Zoo asked the public to name the newest addition to its Asian elephant family, born in June. Which name received the most votes?
A. Kenzi.
B. Mya.
C. Zoe.
D. June.

58. After St. Louis mayor Francis Slay vetoed a bill that would allow speed bumps in O'Fallon Park, 21st Ward Alderman Antonio French complained that Slay's "Twitter feed reads like __________."
A. A teenage girl.
B. A Republican.
C. A cranky old fart.
D. Cory Booker.
E. A traffic scofflaw.

59. What are the Children of Sunshine?
A. The Church of Scientology's equivalent of the Girl Scouts.
B. A doomsday cult based in Chesterfield.
C. Missouri lieutenant governor Peter Kinder's nickname for Riverfront Times' editorial department.
D. A Webster Groves duo whose LP, Dandelions, has become a cult classic in the years since 1970, when they recorded it as fifth graders.

60. After thieves in East St. Louis steal manhole covers to sell to scrap-metal dealers, good Samaritans typically put what in their place?
A. Orange construction cones.
B. Discarded tires.
C. Particle board.
D. Dead bodies.

61. Which grunge icon joined Elvis Costello onstage at the Pageant in July to perform the Who's "Substitute"?
A. Krist Novoselic.
B. Eddie Vedder.
C. Courtney Love.
D. Neil Young.

62. After losing a close fight in June to St. Louisan Devon Alexander at the Family Arena, what did Argentine boxer Lucas Matthysse say he'd bring with him if he ever battled Alexander again in his hometown?
A. A better right hook.
B. A new manager.
C. More water to drink between rounds.
D. The police (because he was robbed).

63. How did Kevin Willmann, owner of the restaurant Farmhaus, celebrate the Cardinals' 2011 World Championship?
A. He served only red-meat entrées for an entire week.
B. He renamed his acclaimed poached escolar dish "Pujols' Delight."
C. He conned his way into the Cardinals' clubhouse celebration and served meat loaf.
D. He permanently reserved a corner table for David Freese plus-one.

64. Bassist Travis Morgan of the band Masculine Journey set a Guinness World Record for what during his band's October record-release show at the City Museum?
A. Longest time spent on a Ferris wheel.
B. Longest bass solo.
C. Largest electric bass.
D. Fastest time to shear a sheep.
E. Scoring the most adult films.

65. Cardinals manager Tony La Russa took the stage at the Fabulous Fox to play maracas for which headliner?
A. Steely Dan.
B. Paul Simon.
C. Carlos Santana.
D. Selena Gomez.

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