The 2011 Unreal News Challenge

85. University City Family Church pastor Brent Roam took a circuitous path to the pulpit of his church, which meets every Sunday morning at the Tivoli Theatre in the Delmar Loop. Which of the following is not part of Roam's past?
A. He was a Rhodes Scholar.
B. He was a professional mountain climber.
C. He starred in a series of B-movies, including The Toolbox Murders and Tremors 4.
D. He was the lead singer in the alt-country band Slydell.

86. Doctors at Barnes-Jewish Hospital have diagnosed several Missourians in recent years with a parasite known as paragonimiasis after the patients went on float trips. How did these patients allegedly contract the parasite?
A. Mixing river water with Jell-O shots.
B. Getting bit by an alligator gar.
C. Eating live crayfish.
D. Having sex on sandbars.

87. When Geoffrey Delicatecharacter was forced to skip several installments of the RFT video series Purple Prose owing to inpatient treatment for alcoholism, his twin brother stood in. What is Geoffrey's brother's name?
A. Dick Delicatecharacter.
B. Aaron Orion Delicatecharacter.
C. Norman Delicatecharacter.
D. Ignatius Delicatecharacter.

88. Marci Soto of Kirkwood wrote a memoir about her long-term affair with what R&B star?
A. Ray Charles.
B. Ike Turner.
C. Tina Turner.
D. Percy Sledge.

89. On August 27, what were the odds that the Cardinals would make it to the 2011 postseason?
A. 1.1 percent.
B. 7.2 percent.
C. 12 percent.
D. 13.3 percent.

90. During his trial earlier this year, which of the following reasons did Todd Shepard give for killing University City police officer Michael King in 2008?
A. A cop had killed his girlfriend during a 2001 drug raid, leading Shepard to become a "revolutionary" and vow revenge.
B. Earlier in the day, Shepard learned that then-presidential candidate Barack Obama would not seek an endorsement from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Incensed, Shepard flushed his voter-registration card down the toilet.
C. A waitress at Red Lobster wearing a nametag that read "Truth" told Shepard she too was a revolutionary, reminding Shepard of his own revolutionary mission.
D. All of the above.

91. St. Louis-born horror-movie icon Vincent Price would have turned 100 years old on May 27, 2011. Where'd he go to high school?
A. Saint Louis University High School.
B. John Burroughs School.
C. Clayton High School.
D. Saint Louis Country Day School.

92. Which of these nonhumans did not get its very own Twitter account during the Cardinals' improbable late-season run?
A. Albert Pujols' statue.
B. Jason Motte's glove.
C. The Rally Squirrel.
D. Allen Craig's pet tortoise.

93. Tax revenue from the 2011 baseball postseason brought enough revenue to St. Louis that city employees don't have to take furloughs next year. Approximately how much money came in?
A. $500,000.
B. $1 million.
C. $3 million.
D. $5 million.

94. Washington University researchers discovered a gene that indicates whether a person is at risk for heart failure. To which organ is it connected?
A. The heart.
B. The kidney.
C. The gall bladder.
D. The liver.
E. The Hammond B3.

95. Who is Hikaru Nakamura?
A. The next Bobby Flay.
B. The next Bobby Fischer.
C. The next Bob Gibson.
D. The next Beatle Bob.

96. Where were the headquarters for Occupy St. Louis?
A. The Arch grounds.
B. Kiener Plaza.
C. Ballpark Village.
D. Hopeville.

97. For what offense was former Kinloch mayor Keith Conway sent to prison?
A. Theft.
B. Wire fraud.
C. Witness tampering.
D. All of the above.

98. What possibly not-so-mythical creature was shot and killed while stealing chickens near Springfield?
A. A vampire.
B. A chupacabra.
C. A jackalope.
D. A werewolf.

99. Why is Lisa Nasseff suing Castlewood Treatment Center, an eating-disorder clinic in Ballwin?
A. She didn't lose as much weight as she alleges she'd been promised.
B. Clinic administrators allegedly assured her that treatment was covered under her health-insurance plan, but it was not.
C. The food served at the clinic was "inedible."
D. Treatments involving hypnosis and hallucinogens allegedly convinced her that she'd been the victim of multiple rapes and belonged to a baby-killing Satanic cult.

100. According to Albert Pujols, his decision to sign with the Los Angeles Angels for $254 million had nothing to do with what?
A. Spite toward the Cardinals.
B. Southern California's favorable climate.
C. God.
D. Money. 

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