Brown: Here at the start of a new year, we can look to Ignite! The Rep's New Play Festival, in March, and to the city's first fringe theater festival in June. But to me the best-kept theater secret in town is the National Theatre Live broadcasts on Saturday mornings at the Tivoli. Every production I've seen has been memorable, and the recent staging of One Man, Two Guvnors, which opens on Broadway in April, was hilarious beyond description. Yet the shows don't get the attendance they deserve. Too bad, because anyone who cares about great theater should be rushing to the Tivoli four or five times a year.

Friswold: I sheepishly admit I've not seen a one of those performances. Consider me duly chastened — I'm sure I'll be camping out in line for tickets to whatever the next broadcast is during the entire week of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, so don't call me during that stretch for any reason.

Welcome, Peabody, but remember that a theater experience begins before the lights come up on the stage.
Jason Stoff
Welcome, Peabody, but remember that a theater experience begins before the lights come up on the stage.

Brown: And on that cheery note, Happy New Year to all!

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I can't believe that you would mention every theatre in the mall even the one that closed long before the artspace closed (echo) but once again you leave out the community theatre Marble Stage who has been part of the artspace from the beginning who has put on in the time it was there 3 mainstage shows 6 Fairy tale theatre for young audiences and 3 "Lost Our Marbles" (an offshoot of Marble stage Theatre) every single year. Marble Stage has been awarded one of the best theatre companies in the St. Louis and regional area. Yet because it is classified as "Community" theatre. Marble Stage is always being left out of the press on the Artspace

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Hmmm.. the headline says this is a look forward to local theatre in 2012... But aside from some general comments and a nod to performances from outside St. Louis being shown at the Tivoli, this is another piece about 2011.

How about an ACTUAL look ahead to the many cool local shows that have been announced for 2012 -- New Line Theatre's Cry-Baby and High Fidelity, Stray Dog's Angels in America (both parts!), the Rep's Race, [insert name here] theatre company's Avenue Q, the Muny's Dreamgirls, Shakespeare Festival's Othello, and so many other shows...