Save St. Louis Del Taco —

Best Use of Facebook to Promote a Business
Miss Ohio Vintage

The Judges Say: Social-media coordinator by day, fashion diva by night, Lindsay Pattan has mastered the ability to mix business with pleasure by taking her brand to new levels. Visiting the Miss Ohio Vintage on Facebook is always a delight. New questions, comments, polls or pictures are posted daily, and you can always check out the MOV Instagram and Twitter feeds right from the page. The integrated Etsy shop makes purchasing that MOV skirt or necklace you just fell in love with extremely easy.

Star Clipper


Best Local Mobile App
Stodgy Gents

The Judges Say: Stodgy Gents does an amazing job of mixing the tried-and-true memory game Simon with humor and colorful art. Instead of hitting colored squares to test your memory, Stodgy Gents has you slapping the faces of cartooned aristocrats. Yes, it's a lot of fun and incredibly addictive. And with a price of free and an impressive 4.5 star rating on iTunes, Stodgy Gents always has a top spot on our gaming library.

Explore St. Louis —
Pocketbooth —

Best Restaurant Site

The Judges Say: Visiting Pi online is a delight with big, beautiful photos on every page and an extremely user-friendly layout. Menus are easy to read, and everything from finding current specials to following the Pi food truck just makes sense. Its online ordering system is a breeze.

Cicero's —

Best Designed Website

The Judges Say: This site is seriously gorgeous with its sleek black-and-white layout and subtle flair. Atomicdust is also one of the few creative agencies that effectively harnesses the personalities of its employees and displays that energy online without being cheesy. For examples of that, just check out its frequently updated blog.

HatBox —
Moosylvania —

Best Club/Concert Site

The Judges Say: Firebird's website looks exactly like what you'd pick up at the merch table — a black T-shirt with a logo, a band's photo and some tour dates. And that's a good thing. Instead of mucking itself up with puffy words and glitter-coated photos, it simply says, "Wear me." And then you think, "Hell, yes, you'll look great on my boobs!"

An Under Cover Weekend —
LouFest —
The Pageant —

Best Sex Blog
Pieces of Jade

The Judges Say: Pieces of Jade is the dirtiest, freakiest sex site out there and, we warn you, not for the squeamish. We're not sure how the site got its name, but we're guessing it's because author "Jade" is so eager to showoff every "piece" of her body (especially the naughty ones) and floridly describe what she's subjected said pieces to lately. Particularly intriguing was her series last month, "The 12 Kinky Days of Christmas," that included the posts Two Ball Gags, Three Butt Plugs, Four Floggers Flogging and Five Gulps of Pee. Gulp, indeed.

Momfia —
Sex Positive St. Louis —
The Beautiful Kind —
The Life and Charlotte Times —

Funniest Twitter Feed
Matt Sebek

The Judges Say: Matt Sebek might best be compared to the Post-Dispatch's sports media critic Dan Caesar — if Dan Caesar were intentionally hilarious and an unrepentant asshole. Sebek's irreverent tweets mocking St. Louis sports stars, journalists and power brokers always bring a smile to the face and demonstrate just how entertaining social media can be. Two of our recent faves from @mattsebek: "SLU coach Rick Majerus got ol' number 500 today. That's 'college wins' not 'stamps on his Golden Corral card', kids." and, "The St. Louis media giddy over Stan Kroenke's appearance today at Rams Park. Of course, they were; they no longer had the worst toupee in the room."


Best Kickstarter Campaign
Sentinels of the Multiverse

The Judges Say: These guys truly embraced the spirit of "kick starting" a project better than anyone we've seen. They did not ask for a handout or simply ask people to preorder something they were going to make anyway. No. They created a game out of funding production costs for an enhancement of their card game, Sentinels of the Multiverse. Their rewards for funding the project were ridiculous and fun, and they motivated additional donations by rewarding all contributors with additional rewards when the campaign reached certain goals. And what goals it achieved, exceeding its funding objective by more than 200 percent to raise $27, 880.

Read more about the Sentinels of the Multiverse kickstarter campaign here.

(en)Visioning Hyde
Sukkah City STL —
We Are Church —
Daughters of

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Mr. Scott
Mr. Scott

Some of the recipes on that winning cooking site look pretty nasty, especially the "Italian ones" and those recommended in the club. Lasagna with chicken and asparagus? You've got to be kidding.

Captain Raoul
Captain Raoul

It was an honor to be a finalist, and it was great to drink some free 4 Hands beer on Tuesday nite. Congrats to all the winners!



Chris Reimer
Chris Reimer

Thank you for the Save Pratzels award. We greatly appreciate it. And congrats to Erica Smith for her big win in the Personal Brand category!


Congrats to all the winners. Very deserving group.


truly surprised that anyone would nominate me for funniest anything ever so that's a consolation i can deal with! congrats to the winners!

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