"Since it is largely taking place in one venue, and it's a small venue at that, we wanted to make sure that you didn't feel like you were in a cramped space for 70 minutes," says Konkel. "It did require a little more creativity — we wanted to get interesting shots and shots from multiple angles." Bopp, described by Konkel as "really a fantastic commercial photographer," also took still photos to document the production process and for use in a booklet that will be included with the DVD/CD release.

Another new wrinkle was the addition of some overhead shots, taken from 100 feet in the air using the basket of a cherry-picker truck rented from a local utility. Other solutions were lower-tech — with no budget for a dolly, some moving camera shots were executed by simply pushing around a cameraperson in a wheelchair, which was dubbed the "Delta Dolly."

"We're deep in the editing process right now," Konkel says. They hope to be finished by the end of this month. Blaylock is cutting the film together and sharing segments with Konkel and Stolle online. "It's an interesting way of editing a film, since we're all in different cities." Still to come are the addition of closed-captioning, foreign-language subtitles, and the various other elements of the DVD, and preparation of the CD soundtrack and 24-page color booklet. "It's going take a lot of sleepless nights to get it done," says Konkel. "It'll be a hairy couple of months, but we're up to the task, I think."

Jeff, Terry, and Red
Lou Bopp
Jeff, Terry, and Red

In addition to the world premiere in Clarksdale and concurrent release of the DVD/CD package, Konkel says he and Stolle already are setting up screenings at film festivals and blues events in several European countries, including Italy, where major sponsor Rootsway Roots & Blues Association is located; the UK; and Norway. "For Roger and me, that's a fun reward, since we like to travel," he says. "For the musicians, they'd just as soon play a gig in Akron as go overseas, but [overseas is] where the real paydays are." As with M for Mississippi, Konkel hopes We Juke Up in Here! ultimately will encourage viewers to visit some of the film's locations in person. "If they don't do it now, there's no guarantee that it's going to be there tomorrow."

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