Eddie Money

7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Friday, March 2. Lumière Place Casino, 999 North Second Street.

Eddie Money

Don't hate the RFT for the number of days you will now have "Take Me Home Tonight" stuck in your head. Blame Eddie Money. Since the pop maestro's heyday roughly three decades ago, he has wormed his way into both ears and the charts with all the glory and shamelessness of a John Hughes prom scene. The man did, after all, strike his mainstream comeback in the late 1980s. After releasing modern radio staples such as "Two Tickets to Paradise" and "Baby Hold On," Mr. Money cashed in on his success early

and used it to buy drugs before returning to the rock revival circuit with fervor when his songwriting career ended in the Nirvana years.

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$30 to $50. 314-881-7777.

Homework: Google live photos of Eddie Money. Then Google Meatloaf. Separated at birth?

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Who are you to make such a statement as "used it to buy drugs"? You don't know the man and should not pretend to have the inside scoop on him. You are uninformed about his music and obviously his life. Write about people and things you are qualified to write about. My husband, Eddie is not a man that blew his money on drugs and remains a rock icon, not a "pop maestro", with a lucrative career that has continually been so for over thirty years. I hope this will encourage you to not be so quick to make statements about people, famous or otherwise, just because you think it sounds interesting or cool. When it's not the truth, it's neither of these things.

Laurie Mahoney (a.k.a. Mrs. Eddie Money)

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