Welcome to St. Louis, Hoop Fans!

Welcome to St. Louis. It's so nice to once again host the NCAA Tournament — the one weekend of the year when blocked shots nearly outnumber gunshots in our fair city.

Seriously, though, St. Louis is a great — and safe! — place to visit. Never mind those bogus reports calling us "America's Most Dangerous City." This place is only dangerous if you happen to play for the Ohio University Bobcats. (OMG, how did they make the Sweet Sixteen?!)

But getting back to St. Louis...as I mentioned when we hosted the Final Four in 2005 and Riverfront Times so graciously invited me to pen a greeting, this city has a heckuva lot to offer. And once again the RFT's crack staff has put together a dandy package of useful info to max out your March Madness visit to "The Lou" (as my consultants suggest I call St. Louis from time to time).

* Sportswriter Aaron Schafer breaks down the Midwest Regional and offers his guesses as to who'll move on to the Final Four.

* Restaurant critic Ian Froeb offers his suggestions for great eats around town, whether you're a budget-conscious diner or a free-spending gourmand.

* The staff handpicked a list of the top ten sports bars, for those who don't care to engage in a high-spirited bout of bargaining with our friendly scalpers.

* Last but not least comes an enlightening rundown of "adult entertainment" venues just a few minutes away on the other side of the Mighty Mississippi, for those whose idea of the Big Dance is one that takes place on their lap.

And of course, if you want to know even more about St. Louis from an unbiased and completely apolitical viewpoint, check out my blog or catch me on Twitter @mayorslay.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta run. I hear someone's trying to oust me as mayor of St. Louis on Foursquare. I'll tell you, being a mayor in the 21st century ain't easy! #fgs

P.S. Go Wolfpack!

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St. Loui certainly needs the revenue and the attention that the NCAA brings to the area. I hope that everyone will be mindful of our guests and be polite and not bring disgrace to our community. basketball is a wonderful outlet for kids and let kids be kids. May the best team win.

Jeremy M
Jeremy M

Mayor slay. A police officer was shot in north city today when his home was being burglarized. Yesterday 6 police shot at 2 men, killing one and wounding the other. Another man was shot in a domestic dispute in north city. Crime, shootings, robbery, car jacking are all big problems in the city. Just a few days ago, an entire basketball team was robbed at the riverfront. You yourself were witness to polar bear hunting or the knockout game, and couldnt even catch the young black suspects or convict them in court. This city is overrun with crime, no matter how you cook the numbers. Until the police and local lawmakers take a stand on this criminal behavior by lawless city residents, and stop letting them out of jail when they catch them, this will not be a safe city to reside in.


Um, what you're saying is true and all, but I'm pretty sure it isn't the real Slay. Although the foursquare and lap dance comments might have been close to home.

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