The album name — Chief — is a tribute to your grandfather, right?

It's two things. The "Chief" nickname developed from being on the road. A few years ago, I started putting on a hat and sunglasses. It happened organically — I wear contacts, and we were playing places that were so small. I'm six-three. I'd get up on these stages, and I'd have to duck under the lights. And they'd end up baking — like a rotisserie — they'd bake my contacts. They'd pop out, and I'd end up playing the show stumbling around. Somebody suggested sunglasses, and I put the hat on just for sweat — it was a hundred degrees in these places. Something happened, and it just kind of stuck. When I didn't have 'em on, people were irritated, saying I didn't have the full uniform. The band started calling me "Chief" when I put the hat and sunglasses on.

What they didn't know was that was my grandfather's nickname. He was chief of police in the town I grew up in. And everybody called him Chief. I thought it was a neat coincidence. Two different generations of people, and we got the same nickname.

Eric Church has never focused on hits.
John Peets
Eric Church has never focused on hits.

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Eric Church
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When I made this record, I wanted to pay homage to the live show. But I wanted to pay homage to him, too.

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