Homespun: Voight-Kampff


Philip K. Dick-heads will remember the Voight-Kampff machine from Blade Runner, the empathy-detecting polygraphs that separate humans from replicants. Emotional response, it appears, is what separates us from the robots. In keeping with its namesake, Voight-Kampff reveals its humanity with a blur of dark-tinted bluster that never sacrifices melody in the name of speed of force. Led by local poet and hardcore lifer Joseph Sulier (the Breaks, Kill Me Kate) and Minneapolis guitarist Colin Swanson-White, the band has both MPLS and STL lineups; when Voight-Kampff plays the rare local show, Doom Town's Ashley Hohman (bass) and Tone Rodent's Matty Coonfield (guitar) fill out the lineup along with drummer Tom Valli. But for this document, the two principals do all the heavy lifting and produce twenty minutes of smart, soulful punk.

Production values are practically anathema to hardcore, but the self-titled cassette bears the mark of sonic care and wise aesthetic choices within a limited palette. There are nice swaths of tremolo twang and artfully deployed reverb on these tracks, and guitar solos are brittle enough for punk but almost slick enough to pass as roughshod rockabilly. Johnny Marr should get a royalty check for the intro to "The Great White North," a testament to Swanson-White's dexterity and ability to set himself apart from the bash-'em-out chords that surround most of these songs. The one-two punch of opening cuts "The Hell of War" and "Good to Be Alive" works in counterpoint to one another while establishing a sun-blasted, nearly spaghetti Western tone for these seven songs. Sulier is more a singer than a shouter, and his lower register on the final, untitled track helps sell the Cramps-like vibe to the tape's more haunting moments.

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Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill

Now available for pre-order on cassette for $6 to through Paypal. Please remember to include your name and address with your payment.

Preview three tracks from the unmastered version here:

Kiernan Maletsky
Kiernan Maletsky

From Joseph Sulier, who is having trouble with our comments system:

The album will be available at Apop Records by the end of May or for $6 through Paypal to (Please remember to include a name and address with payment, pre-orders now being accepted). To keep up with future VK news check out . Look for a record release show in mid to late July.


The album will be available at Apop Records by the end of May or you can order through Paypal for $6 to, please make sure to include your name and address with payment. You can keep up with VK updates at . Look for a record release show sometime in July.


The record will be available in late May at Apop Records or through Paypal, $6 to, please include your name and address with payment. A record release show is being planned in St. Louis around July. Keep up with VK at .


Since there is nothing in here about how to get the record, or how to hear it, or when it's coming out, those interested can go to for ordering information and to preview 3 unmastered tracks. The album will be out by the end of May and pre-orders are now being accepted. Those interested can also feel free to e-mail me at


You can preview the unmastered album here:

And pre-orders are now being accepted through Paypal, $6 to, please remember to include your name and address with your payment.

-Joseph Sulier

Joseph Sulier
Joseph Sulier

You can preview the unmastered version of the record if you follow that link. Pre-orders are now being accepted, $6 through Paypal,, please make sure to include your name and address with your payment.

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