The Jacks Fork Canoe Rental and Campground in Eminence (1-800-522-5736 or is an outfitter that offers canoes, rafts, tubes and kayaks for a slew of floats down the Jacks Fork River. Trips can last anywhere from a few hours to a five-day float that covers 62 miles.

The Bass' River Resort (204 Butts Road, Steelville; 1-800-392-3700 or offers all the amenities of the Jacks Fork outfitter, but along the Courtois, Huzzah and Meramec rivers. It also has two sizes of cabins to stay in: "cozy cabins," built for two to four people, and log cabins for bigger groups.

A bit further afield is James River Outfitters (110 Y Bridge Boulevard, Galena; 417-357-6443 or which offers floating, fishing and the scenery of the southern Ozarks.

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Bill Kammer
Bill Kammer

what a ridiculous article, a propaganda designed to appeal to one's "fear factor", this is not a realistic representation of floating in Missouri, not even close. Shame on you RFT, and you Julia, have how much experience floating? Obviously not much. I have been floating the Courtois, Huzzah, Big River and Meramec River for 50 years, and I know many others who have also, the worst we got out of it was a sunburn. I have worked in the float trip industry for 30 years and your representation here in this article is grossly inaccurate.


Propaganda designed to do what exactly? Steer people away from the outdoors? From someone with so many years of floating experience I find it surprising that you wouldn't agree that many "city slickers" could benefit from learning a thing or two about the in's and out's of Missouri water ways. I felt the article conveyed the unlikelihood of encountering any of the aforementioned dangers and at the same time informs floating "noobs" how to conduct themselves without johnny law harshing their buzz for being ignorant jags.

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