The wine list is standard-issue: chardonnay and cabernet, pinot noir and zinfandel. The beer list includes a couple of local craft brews (Schlafly and Six Row), as well as Bud, Bud Light and Stella.

Shrimp New Orleans in a Creole sauce with basmati rice.
Jennifer Silverberg
Shrimp New Orleans in a Creole sauce with basmati rice.

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BrickTop's Restaurant

1701 S. Lindbergh Blvd.
Frontenac, MO 63131

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Town & Country


BrickTop's Restaurant
Steak frites...$24
1701 South Lindbergh Boulevard, Frontenac; 314-567-6300.
Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m.Sun.-Thu. 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Fri.-Sat.

Should you indeed "save room," go for the key-lime pie, which features an excellent crust made from macadamia nuts. It's the only item on the menu that caused me to raise an eyebrow — the only one to remind me that human beings, not automatons, prepare the food here. Food that'll fill your belly just fine without occupying a single byte on your internal hard drive. Only when you step out into the parking lot will you remember where you are: Plaza Frontenac, where, by contrast, the consumption is conspicuous.

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Have to agree with Shabadoo. Why is Ian the Terrible wasting his time and ours on this place? Isn't there some strip-mall taqueria in North County he should be condescending to? Looking forward to his Macaroni Grill review in the next RFT.


in the neighborhood? this is fucking frontenac, not a neighborhood you ignoramus. for even considering going to this place you should be tarred and feathered. can we pleasepleaseplease get a city version of this paper so I don't have to take up space in my brain with the knowledge that there is a place called brick tops in the suburban hell-scape that is lindbergh and clayton rd.


We've been twice and both times the noise level was very high, to the point of making the experience unpleasant. The food was good, not great (especially for the price). We will probably not be back unless it is an off time of the day and we're in the neighborhood.