7:45 Adult Fur (Electronic/Dance)
To fully be a part of Adult Fur's world is to understand the merits of partnering blunt, blistering experimentation with dancing friends dressed as sea kelp. This, if you are lucky, is one of Ryan McNeely's live shows. But as a slightly awestruck listener, you can also be a smaller part of that: In addition to producing for some of St. Louis' greatest hip-hop names (Tef Poe and Rockwell Knuckles, to name a couple), McNeely unleashes cryptic, intrapersonal electonica under a musical pseudonym as idiosyncratic as his beats. Layered over dense atmospherica and warped, lazy synth, McNeely blends nostalgic pop with ambitious rock and hip-hop influences to summon several worlds at once. And while it's occasionally tough to tell which one he lives in, none of them is boring. KW

9:00 Loose Screwz (Electronic/Dance)
Loose Screwz (born Damon Davis) has been known to produce tracks in a wide variety of styles for artists like Thelonious Kryptonite, Brothers Lazaroff and his own group, Scripts 'N Screwz. Over the past two years, he has further expanded his range into instrumental territory, taking cues from LA's vibrant electronic music scene. As the voice of the FarFetched collective of artists, Screwz released 20,000 Years From Tomorrow in March; it's a seventeen-track affair that uses a mixture of vintage samples, glitchy synths and live instrumentation to transport listeners through past impressions of the future. Early response to the project has been mostly positive — and landed Screwz the opportunity to open for Shabazz Palaces in April. As he continues to produce for himself and other artists, Screwz is also working on a visual element to add to his live shows. CC

10:15 CaveofswordS (New Band)
If marriage is just another name for collaboration — a synergistic pairing of forces, a mingling of strengths and talents combined to make something lasting and beautiful — it's amazing that so few rock & roll marriages stand the test of time. Husband and wife Kevin and Sunyatta McDermott are off to a good start as CaveofswordS — she sings and writes the lyrics, and he takes care of the music, which tends toward organic electronica and looped percussion. Those who knew Sunyatta McDermott (then Sunyatta Marshall) from her role as the lead singer in pop-psych group Helium Tapes or as part of Fred's Variety Group will certainly recognize her controlled and seductive voice, and in these more beat-heavy arrangements she is freed from the constraints of live, loud rock & roll. As such, her voice becomes the uncontested centerpiece of these songs, with Kevin's drum-machine boogies and artfully processed sound collages offer a rich, nuanced palette to sing against. CS

Side Bar

5:45 The Spot Ons (Pop)
Joe Rohlman and Kate Peterson understand the power of the boy-girl dynamic. The duo, who makes up the Spot Ons, imbues its songs with harmonies that showcase its playful chemistry and the beautiful contrast between Rohlman's baritone pipes and Peterson's feminine voice. These harmonies are laid atop Rohlman's guitar parts that are alternately folky, funky, jazzy or country-inflected while Peterson supplements the groove on one of her many instruments (among other things, she has a Wurlitzer, accordion and toy piano at her disposal). It's a testament to the Spot Ons' tight arrangements that it can generate a powerful show with only two players, but it's nonetheless exciting to know that for the band's upcoming EP they tracked sessions with a hired rhythm section. But no matter what shape the Spot Ons is in, its music remains fun, witty and infectious. BM

7:00 Tenement Ruth (Rock)
In 2009 Tenement Ruth performed as the White Stripes at the Under Cover Weekend masquerade ball at the Firebird. Who would have guessed that this folk-and-country-rock-inclined band could pull off the proggy blues thunder of Jack and Meg, but thunder and prog they did. Since then, the band — led by singer Melissa Anderson and featuring Dave Anderson on guitar, Mary Williams on drums and Jake Deleonardis on bass — has been expanding and tightening its sound into a persuasive and fetching fusion of the Velvet Underground and Loretta Lynn. It's Americana, to be sure, but with an aggressive, primal, psychedelic twist. RK

8:15 The Blind Eyes (Indie Rock)
On the surface, it doesn't look like much has changed since we named Blind Eyes the best new band of 2008. The mod rockers still fit oddly shaped chords together to make gorgeous pop melodies. Guitarist Seth Porter still croons like a humble Rat Pack member, and bassist Kevin Schneider has retained his garage-rock bark. The band still sounds like it's having a blast whether it's unleashing a torrent of eighth-notes a la the Strokes or laying down an easy swinging groove that you can swill your cocktail to. But the Blind Eyes has shown tremendous growth since its already impressive debut. Its new songs are catchier, its performances are tighter and its new lyrics cut deeper. And now that Andy White has joined as a second guitarist, Blind Eyes has an electrifying soloist that can flesh out its material. It's only getting better with the Blind Eyes. BM

9:30 Bassamp and Dano (Punk)
When contacted with some questions for this write-up, guitarist Bassamp had the following comment he felt he needed to say (completely unsolicited): "I just got a new pocketknife I'm really jacked up about. The handle's got a picture of Ronald Reagan riding a white horse! If I send you a picture of it, will it get printed?" Citing "America" as the band's primary influence (no surprise, then, about the Reagan knife), in addition to "shitting with the door open," "mowing the lawn at night" and "that movie where Sylvester Stallone has to arm-wrestle for the custody of his son," Bassamp and Dano is a band incapable of taking itself — much less anything else — seriously. No matter: This lack of professional posturing adds immensely to the band's charm, whose specialty is catchy punk rock with hilarious lyrics about drinking bum wine, having diarrhea and being American — which, to Bassamp and Dano, all seem to be one and the same. DH

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