With its ever-growing popularity, the Improv Shop occasionally needs to stretch its legs in a venue larger than the community theaters and clubs it typically occupies. In an upward move worthy of George Jefferson, its performance on Wednesday, October 10, will be held at the Touhill Performing Arts Center on the campus of the University of Missouri-St. Louis. The special guest of the evening is Armando; well, to be fair that is the format of the show, and the namesake of the form is merely present in spirit. It starts with a suggestion given to a performer who then begins an improvised monologue based on that suggestion. As the monologue becomes more involved and delves deeper into the actual story, scenes are created with a group of performers who base their lines on the ideas presented in the earlier monologue. Hilarity ensues, and when it ends, the audience leaves thinking, "Wow. No one does anything like this." Except, of course, for the Improv Shop.— Nicole Beckert

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