At this point, do your older relatives completely understand what you do, or are they still waiting for you to pull out a guitar instead of a computer?

[Laughs] They kind of get it. But we have a big production with a lot of lights, and I remember my grandma telling someone that she thought I did magic tricks. I played Pittsburgh two months ago, and my parents come out to every show like they have for years, but this show, my aunts and uncles came out. Like, I don't know what they get out of it, you know? They compliment the show and go out of their way to come, but I try to tell them, "I obviously won't be offended if you don't come to the show." But they want to come. Ultimately, it's been a goal of mine to have the show be entertaining enough to where it could appeal to people who have never seen live electronic music before, or someone who doesn't go to dance-oriented shows.

Everyone always wants to talk about how you came up with the name Girl Talk. I, of course, associate it with that terrible game played at slumber parties in the '80s. Did you ever play it?

Girl Talk will headline the first night of this year's LouFest.
Dove Shore
Girl Talk will headline the first night of this year's LouFest.

I've never played it, but my sister did. I have ten copies of it; people just have given it to me over the years. There are actually so many things called "Girl Talk," so many different objects in my house like books and different games. It was also Stephanie Tanner's band on "Full House." It's almost like a pop culture nugget.

So if the Riverfront Times brought you a copy of the game before you hit the LouFest stage, would you play it with us?

Oh, definitely. I feel like maybe I've played it in recent years. I know there are fake zits and stuff. I don't know the rules fully well, but I would learn.

You're on a LouFest bill with a lot of great bands, like the Flaming Lips, Dinosaur Jr. and Son Volt. Is there anybody that you'll try to see?

Definitely Dinosaur Jr.; they're one of my favorite bands of all time. They're coming through Pittsburgh, but I'll be out of town. I saw them in Pittsburgh two or three years ago. I love their classic material, but I also think they've done an incredible job at still churning out great records. My tour manager actually used to be their tour manager as well. It's just a band I've listened to my whole life, so I'm excited for that.

So many artists have come from St. Louis. Is there any chance we can convince you to do some mash-up of Fontella Bass, Wilco, Nelly and Chuck Berry?

Yeah, there might be a little St. Lunatics in there. I can't promise anything, but there's a chance of it.

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