John Scofield

7:30 and 9:30 p.m. Friday, September 28, to Saturday, September 29. Jazz at the Bistro, 3536 Washington Avenue.

John Scofield Trio's titular guitarist might look like a less crazy John Malkovich, but he plays like nobody else on the planet. After 30-plus years climbing the jazz ladder, Scofield has forged a soulful yet obtuse approach to melody, like the blues interpreted by Pablo Picasso. His playing is instantly recognizable, but his career is unpredictable, as shown by a discography that effortlessly shifts from jazz standards to New Orleans tributes to collaborations with jam-band crossover Medeski, Martin & Wood. One thing to expect from the eclectic guitarist during his run at the Bistro: He will sound like John Scofield, and that's all we need to know.


$15 to $37. 314-289-4030.

Co-Conspirators: Bill Stewart is an inventive, loose-wristed drummer known for his improvisational interplay, and Steve Swallow is one of the most elegant upright bassists of all time.

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There is a video of Steve Swallow playing upright bass w/ Gary Burton and Larry Coryell in Berlin back in 1967...priceless!


I'm not sure there should be a hyphen between loose and wristed. When I googled loose-wristed drummer (with the hyphen) nothing showed up. When I googled loose wristed drummer (sans hyphen), a sea of Bill Stewart  photos popped up.  


John Scofield certainly is worth hearing, but there's a significant inaccuracy here, in that not only is Steve Swallow NOT "one of the most elegant upright bassists of all time," he doesn't even play upright bass. Swallow has played electric bass guitar pretty much exclusively for more than 30 years - in fact, one of the things that made his reputation was using electric bass in musical situations where others would have deployed the acoustic bass. (Don't believe me? Do a Google Image search, and you'll find hundreds of pix of him playing bass guitar, and none of him using an upright.) How can anyone take your writing seriously when you get basic stuff like this completely wrong?


On youtube there is a great video of Steve Swallow playing upright bass with Gary Burton and Larry Coryell around 1967.


 @DeanMinderman You're not being totally truthful, either. The fact that he switched to, not started on, electric bass guitar does not mean he isn't an elegant upright bass player. He was playing upright until the early 70's. While introducing Steve Swallow's first composition ever last night, Scofield even acknowledged Swallow playing, gasp, the upright bass when writing his tune. Oh, and on the first page of google image search what did I find? Come down from your high horse, sir.


@DeanMinderman You're totally correct. I was thinking the same thing. While we're at it, let's not call it a bass guitar, which is an electric guitar tuned an octave lower than the standard six string. It should be called an electric bass! :)

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