Vytlacil's cocktail list includes the drink from which the restaurant takes its name, made with scotch, cherry liqueur, orange juice and sweet vermouth. The cocktail took its name from the classic bullfighting film starring Rudolph Valentino, Blood and Sand, and while the restaurant has nothing to do with matadors (though one could imagine the characters from The Sun Also Rises passing through for a post-fiesta drink), the name complements the speakeasy vibe in its evocation of nostalgic allure. (The Germans probably have a word for that.) Which isn't to imply management takes the conceit too seriously — Vytlacil offers several variations on the "Blood & Sand," many of which don't include a drop of scotch. At any rate, I bypassed the signature tipple and found myself falling in love with the "Double-Fisted Negroni," which blends North Shore Mighty gin with aged vermouth, Campari and bitters.

A side of "Truffled Tater Tots." Slideshow: More photos from Blood & Sand
Jennifer Silverberg
A side of "Truffled Tater Tots." Slideshow: More photos from Blood & Sand

Location Info


Blood & Sand

1500 St. Charles St.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: St. Louis - Washington Avenue


Blood & Sand
Heirloom tomatoes...$13
Grilled quail...$26
Flank steak...$28
1500 St. Charles Street; 314-241-7263.
Hours: 5-11 p.m. Mon.-Sat. (Closed Sun.)

Vytlacil and his bar staff will happily guide you to a cocktail based on your own preferences. I suggest trying at least two different drinks during your visit. If you are fortunate enough to dine at Blood & Sand once or regularly, you'll need to brace yourself before you step back through the revolving door into the Muggle world.

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