That Cocky Rocky

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Way Out Club

2525 S. Jefferson Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63104

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: St. Louis - Lafayette Square

In 1970, long before Rocky, Rambo and Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, Sylvester Stallone found himself homeless, looking for a ticket out of the bus station. Desperate, he stripped down for the softcore sex flick The Party at Kitty and Stud's in exchange for $200. The film sat on the shelf for years, but when Rocky won 1978's best picture Oscar, the producers cashed in, re-titling the film The Italian Stallion for release to grindhouse and adult movie theaters worldwide. Once the curiosity factor wears off, The Italian Stallion quickly becomes tedious, making it an ideal candidate for the Super-8 Movie Madness treatment, in which feature-length films are presented in heavily edited versions so that only the best stuff makes the cut. Tonight at 8 p.m., The Way Out Club (2525 South Jefferson Avenue) hosts Super-8 Sex Movie Madness, a celebration of the softcore thrills of the '70s. Make no mistake, this is not porn, but a 21 and up full-frontal fun fest of the naughty bits found in flicks like Emmanuelle, Vampyres and The Swinging Stewardesses. Admission is just $3.
Tue., Nov. 6, 2012