Milo Greene

9 p.m. Wednesday, November 7. The Firebird, 2706 Olive Street.

Milo Greene
L Gray
Milo Greene loves Fun Dip, apparently.

The many-headed Milo Greene has found its national footing this year on the strength of its exceptional self-titled debut full-length. The Los Angeles quintet employs masterful harmony and thoughtful composition to the end of one of the year's best folk efforts. Everyone but drummer Curtis Marrero sings and switches instruments, so what might have been a fairly staid live show should instead be dynamic. This will be Milo Greene's first stop in St. Louis, and given its trajectory you might not have many more chances to see the band this up close and personal.

All right, All right: No one in the band is named Milo; it's an arbitrary moniker for the group. Aren't band-name origin stories fun?

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Milo Greene was awesome.   They really need to be booked here again, at like The Pageant !!!  They have been on Letterman, Leno, songs on various television shows.  They will be big big very soon, giving Mumford and Sons a good run for their money.   Milo Greene touring in March 2013 and not coming here :(.  Have to go to KC.  but lets change that...lets get them booked at The Pageant.  Their schedule is tight, but anything can happen.   :)

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