Damning came together in gradual, detailed form. Yowie had engineer Carl Saff master the album eight times. SKiN GRAFT worked through Seek Harbor Booking to put together the one-month tour from September to October of this year.

Tidal shifts in its lineup worked to slow the band's progress, but O'Connor ensured the band never stalled. Even through a short stint with the Conformists and an ongoing membership in R6 Implant, he kept Yowie simmering. Work with Lil' Pumpkin persisted through the band's hiatus while the addition of Trull kick-started the creative process.

"We started writing new stuff immediately when we started playing together," says Trull. "I thought the sort of musical and personal chemistry clicked immediately. It's never easy playing in this band. It was as comfortable a work environment as you could have, being forced to do difficult things and forcing other people to do difficult things."

"It's kind of stressful music. There are parts in 'I Could Care Less' that I still get stressed out playing," Wonsewitz says.

The European tour following Damning's release on vinyl,marked an undoing of broken plans from Yowie's hiatus. New pieces and rewrites of songs from Cryptooology have crept into the band's recent set, and Yowie's weekly practice is a grueling ritual, with the three members barely surviving tumultuous breaks and piercing changes.

"This girlish figure doesn't watch itself," says Wonsewitz.

"It doesn't wash itself either," says Trull.

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