Other sides — or, if you like, appetizers — include the aforementioned onion rings and, for a true indulgence, battered and deep-fried cheese curds. The curds go especially well with beer, and Five Star Burgers offers several local craft beers on draft and a larger list of bottled and canned craft beers. (As part of the happy-hour menu, from 4 to 6 p.m. daily, you can have an order of the curds for $2 and a draft beer for half-price. Say hello when you see me.) In true burger-joint fashion, dessert is ice cream from Serendipity by the scoop or in a shake or float.

If you can't save room for dessert at Five Star Burgers, I don't blame you. If you can't make room for Five Star Burgers on your burger circuit, you have only yourself to blame.

Five Star Burgers displays the same passion for quality ingredients and meticulous preparations that won Harvest so much acclaim.

Five Star Burgers owner Steve Gontram (right) with his father, Bob.More photos from Five Star Burgers here.
Jennifer Silverberg
Five Star Burgers owner Steve Gontram (right) with his father, Bob.

More photos from Five Star Burgers here.

Location Info


Five Star Burgers

8125 Maryland Ave.
Clayton, MO 63105

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Clayton


Five Star Burgers
French fries (large)...$3
"5 Star" burger...$7.50
Green-chile cheeseburger...$9

See a slideshow of Jennifer Silverberg's photos from Five Star Burgers here.
8125 Maryland Avenue, Clayton;
314-720-4350. Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
Mon.-Sat., 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Sun.

See more photos from Five Star Burgers

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I had the breakfast(?) burger on my first visit, which was great, but saw a salad pass by my table and was anxious to go back. So I had the turkey burger cobb salad yesterday and really enjoyed it - I will go back and get the actual turkey burger. My friend got the cheese curds - awesome. I thought the sweet potato fries were just OK but the regular fries were awesome.

KittyLitterKing topcommenter

Been there twice, and plan on many return trips.  The sweet potato fries are darn fine, too.


Definitely a solid place.  The reviewer missed out on one of the best things about it, though - the fried cheese curds are outstanding.  Almost as good as what you can get in Wisconsin.


@GavinJD Actually, I do mention the curds in the next-to-last paragraph (on page two online). Agree that they are great. Thanks for reading!