Friswold: I come not to praise the past, but to bury it. I look forward to a new year of surprises and sure things. What will happen at the Fringe Festival in year two? I don't know, but I want to find out. I anticipate being baffled and sated by St. Louis Actors' Studio's take on Waiting for Godot, I yearn for the campy insanity (campynsanity?) of Charles Busch's Psycho Beach Party next month at Stray Dog Theatre and I admit some trepidation about New Line Theatre's Bukowsical but fear even more not seeing it. And as always, I wonder when this town is going to produce another stable, cheap, well-maintained small theater that could host the half-dozen companies that could use a home.

Brown: By the way, Paul, what ever happened to those small theaters that were supposed to open in the basement of the Peabody Opera House?

Friswold: I dunno. Maybe that project's been delayed so as not to steal the thunder from our beloved white elephant, Ballpark Village. 

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