The band, who in the past could be found as an opener for nearly every great DIY hardcore show in town, has plans to scale back local appearances. "We're going to try to keep it to one local show a month, max. Although we will break that rule if a band one or more of us are nuts about comes through and we are able to weasel our way on to the bill." Salyers and guitarist Chris Eck have spent the last few years booking shows for some of the best punk bands in the country, so that hypothetical is likely an inevitability.

"We are planning on doing some Midwest dates around Memorial Day weekend and a week or so in the South in early fall," Salyers says of the band's upcoming plans. "Our only upcoming local show is with Church Whip [members of popular new-wave revival band Merchandise] on February 11 at Plush with Rat Heart."

"It's going to be like September 11," he continues. "But worse."

Salyers is optimistic about the state of the local DIY scene, with one caveat. "People who aren't in bands should start bands," he says. "If you are in a band that does not suck and want to play shows, e-mail me at [email protected]."

"If you do suck, I will tell you so," he warns. "Be ready."

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