Working liberally with this concept, So Many Dynamos has decided to create a live mixtape experience, inviting members from other bands to play shows or practice with them. So far this has culminated in collaborations with some of St. Louis' finest pop artists: Kristin Dennis of Née has been singing with them for about eighteen months. Other vocals and instrumentals are lent by Jamie Finch of Palace and Joe Winters, drummer of now-defunct Target Market. Looking forward, Bear Hive's Chris Phillips will be the touring guitarist for the SXSW appearance. Dennis will sing backup with So Many Dynamos at the upcoming anniversary show. Though frequent collaborators the Funky Butt Brass Band will be absent from the event (members of both bands attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's jazz program together, and the Brass Band often sits in on Dynamos shows) this gives SMD the opportunity to find other acquaintances to fill horn and percussion positions. Winters will be present at Off Broadway Friday night; Stovall describes his auxiliary percussion as "the icing on the cake for the last year and a half."

The opening slot of the evening will be filled with a DJ set by Kristin Dennis and the members of SMD. While the band usually loves a three-band bill, it is looking forward to keeping it simpler on its anniversary. Besides, Stovall opines, "there's something magical about when 10:30 rolls around and then a band starts playing." Electro-pop powerhouse Née will be next up in the lineup and is preparing a light show especially for the occasion. Stovall is also backing up Née on vocals and percussion, making sure that So Many Dynamos' policy of DIT will run strong throughout the night. "It will be a very incestuous sort of evening," he says. "I love Off Broadway, so that helps." 

Location Info


Off Broadway

3509 Lemp Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63118

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: St. Louis - South City


So Many Dynamos
9 p.m. Friday, February 1.

Off Broadway, 3509 Lemp Avenue.
$10 to $13. 314-773-3363.

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See Also: Here's a Look at So Many Dynamos in the RFT Over the Years

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