When she flies home for visits, she demands that a staffer be waiting with a motorized car to whisk her from the gate. And when she goes abroad, while the rest of the congressional delegation usually travels by military bus, nothing less than a black Mercedes will do to squire her around town.

Although government employees are banned from performing personal services for elected officials, Roll Call magazine discovered that Lee was ordering low-paid workers to run errands during off-hours. Some chauffeured her to the hairdresser. Others picked up her laundry. One was summoned from bed after midnight to fetch a bottle of garlic supplements.

The work environment is so bad that one ex-employee was warned by a doctor to either quit or die from the stress. "It's like being an Iraq War veteran," said another.

All this might be easier to swallow if Lee were abusing her power for something important. Yet when it comes to being ineffectual, she's the Democratic answer to Louie Gohmert.

The congresswoman is known as a grandstander extraordinaire, her floor speeches both endless and mind-blistering. At the start of one such effort, journalist Robert Draper counted 100 Democrats on the House floor. Within the first minute, 80 had fled for cover.

"If she were effective, it'd be forgivable," says a Texas Republican who asked not to be named. "But she's not. The only reason she proposes anything is to get airtime."

In fact, abusing employees might be Lee's only achievement after eighteen years in Washington. No member of Congress has proposed more failed amendments, indicative of her lack of legislative juice. According to C-Span, Lee has had 39 proposals spiked in the past year alone.

3. Trent Franks (R-Arizona)
You Say "Tomato," He Says "Abortion"

Arizona Congressman Trent Franks is the John Coltrane of Congress. He's managed to spend the last decade in Washington playing but one note: an extreme take on abortion.

He might be the country's most irrelevant congressman, passing exactly zero of the 45 bills he's sponsored. Few have been taken seriously enough to even merit a vote.

As Frank sees it, his job isn't to move America forward. It's to talk, talk and talk some more about abortion.

"Abortion has been his one and only issue," says Arizona Democratic Party spokesman Frank Camacho. "That's his main claim to fame."

This proved true during a recent House debate on fiscal policy, when Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. — who recently pleaded guilty to blowing $750,000 in campaign contributions on his wife and himself — asked if anyone could explain a balanced-budget amendment. Franks eagerly offered his assistance. "I'll give it a shot," he said.

He then proceeded to talk for three minutes about — what else? — abortion. (And Nazis, too!)

Franks has called Obama the "abortion president" and once claimed that abortion laws were more devastating to African Americans than slavery.

But his zealotry hasn't been particularly effective. Unable to pass national legislation, he lowered his sights to the capital city, pushing a law that would ban women in Washington, D.C., from having an abortion after twenty weeks of pregnancy.

When D.C. residents objected in a novel way — by lining up outside Franks' office and asking the Arizona legislator they sarcastically called "mayor" to fix potholes — Franks clumsily sidestepped. "District of Columbia is not the issue," he said. "It's the pain of the child."

The protesters, however, had little to fear. The bill soon died on the House floor. Like everything else Franks does, it was merely one more piece of amateur theater in an ongoing show with no end.

2. Paul Broun (R-Georgia)
Science Is the Devil's Playground

One of the more distressing movements in Jindal's "stupid party" is its increasingly anti-scientific fervor. Leading the charge is Georgia Congressman Paul Broun, who believes that science is the Devil's work. Literally.

"All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the big bang theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell," Broun once declared.

This didn't stop Republican leaders from appointing him to the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, a decision akin to Apple hiring Nicki Minaj to head its research division.

In a speech before a sportsman's club, Broun told the audience that while Jesus hates science, Our Savior showed a great deal of enthusiasm in getting Paul Broun elected to Congress and helping him kill a Kodiak bear and two lions.

He's also accused President Obama of upholding the Soviet constitution rather than the U.S. version. Among his proudest moments: He claims to be the first politician to call Obama a "socialist."

Though Broun represents a fundamentalist swath outside Atlanta, his anti-science views don't reflect a sliver of sanity in his district known as Athens, home to the University of Georgia. So biologist Jim Leebens-Mack started a write-in campaign against the congressman.

Instead of running himself, Mack encouraged voters to back a new candidate: Charles Darwin. Broun may have won reelection, but the long-deceased Darwin still managed to get 4,100 votes.

1. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota)
The Demagogue Slugger With Power to All Fields

Years from now, historians will look back on the year 2013 and think to themselves, Michele Bachmann? Really?

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I'm not sure how you compile a list of "crazy congressmen" without Hank Johnson (he of "islands can capsize" fame) and Peter King (the man who holds hearings on domestic support for terror while repeatedly refusing to recant decades of support for the Provisional IRA).


I would have thought whack-a-doodle Hank Johnson(D-Ga.), who believes too many Marines on Guam would cause the island to 'tip over,' would at least be number 5 on this list. Cynthia McKinney(D-Ga.) served in that state's whack-a-doodle capacity before Hank got his turn.

And botox San Fran Nan Pelosi should be number two on this list with moron statements like 'Food Stamps and Unemployment Give ‘Biggest Bang for Our Buck,’ in reference to revving up our economic engine.

Or panty wearing pederast Harry Reid's(D-NV) demagogic diarrhea spews on the Senate floor proclaiming 'he knows a guy' that knows a guy that thinks Mitt Romney cheats on his taxes.

Yet, the author of this fluff believes Congress critters who think murdering the unborn is wrong are 'weird?'

Take another bong hit, Caleb.

JamesMadison topcommenter

I nominate Rep. Major Owens (D-NY)- sharks still following the old slave traders voyage routes.

JamesMadison topcommenter

"She's claimed that hundreds of scientists and Nobel Prize winners support intelligent design"

Can you prove her wrong? Out of the billions of people on the Earth, and millions who are scientists, don't you think a few hundred might be religious? Bigotry comes in all colors and creeds. To deny billions who are believers is foolish. As far as Nobel Prize winners go... REVEREND Tutu comes to mind. Mother Teresa seemed to be a believer as well as a Nobel Prize winner. Does the RFT need a listing of all the Nobel prize winners? Sadat, Arafat were believers.

Apparently, some crazy journalists work at the RFT commenting on their padded cell roommates.


I like how you threw in a couple Democrats to make the intent and content of this article appear non-partisan.


There should be more sleaze bag congressmen add to his list starting with the #1 scum bag of all time, Alycee Hastings, D FL - disgraced judge who served time in prison for bribery. He's a disgusting piece of shit. Then there is that god awful excuse of a human being, Bobby Rush, D IL. He's not only more goofy and stupid than our past piece of shit congressman Russ Carnahan, D MO, he's a former Black Panther, a fascist group the Nixon Justice Department should have exterminated. Then there is the most obxnoxious fat Jew pig, Sen. Schumer, D NY. He gives Jews a bad name. He's so fat that pork chops would come flying out of his ass is someone hugged him.  He gives liberals a bad name. And last but not least is Debbie Wasserman-Cunt, D FL. She gives cunts a bad name. There are many others that could have made this list but these are the worst of the worst. With these people running things there should be little wonder why things are so fucked up in Washington.


So happy that Florida has finally rid itself of Alan West, the one person possibly crazier than Bachmann.

JamesMadison topcommenter

Never underestimate Maxine Waters to open her mouth. How many jobs? Once again? Come on, please tell us, again.

JamesMadison topcommenter

@citizen , "appear" is the only thing they attempted to do with their token democrats. Let's face it, there are crazy people on both sides the aisle, and some real loonies on the extreme left and right.


@RAMESSES OMG, thank you. I almost spit out my dinner over Debbie Wasserman - etc. That was awesome.

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