And considering Steve Reich himself wrote, "It was not my intention to make anything like 'variations' on these songs, but rather to draw on their harmonies and sometimes melodic fragments and work them into my own piece," there are no major spoiler alerts to speak of.

Alarm Will Sound performs the U.S. debut of Radio Rewrite during an all-Reich program in Palo Alto, California. The ensemble's second performance of the piece takes place here. The Sheldon bill also includes Journeyman by composer (and Alarm Will Sound founding member/current professor at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois) John Orfe; a new work from The Hunger by NPR-approved Irish composer Donnacha Dennehy; and Meltphace 6 by Aphex Twin.

Though it's a less than obvious place for such a high-profile performance, Alarm Will Sound has an affinity for St. Louis. The group appeared at the American Arts Experience festival in October and will stop by the Touhill Performing Arts Center on April 26 to perform 1969, a multimedia experience based on a hypothetical collaboration between the Beatles, Leonard Bernstein, Yoko Ono and electronic-music pioneer Karl Stockhausen.

Location Info


The Sheldon

3648 Washington Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108

Category: Art Galleries

Region: St. Louis - Grand Center


Alarm Will Sound
8 p.m. Wednesday, March 20. $10 to $20.
The Sheldon Concert Hall. 3648 Washington Boulevard. 314-533-9900.

This season is just the beginning of Alarm Will Sound's relationship with the city. The ensemble plans to perform at least three local concerts annually, and it hopes to integrate even further with the St. Louis music community.

"So much attention is given to the coasts," Gavin Chuck says. "St. Louis appealed to us in the exact same way that the initial concept of Alarm Will Sound appealed to us. There seem to be so many cool things happening in St. Louis, so much excitement, that it is just where we want to be. Outside of where we all actually live, we can be a part of something more intently and more intensely in St. Louis right now than anywhere else." 

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