Extended family?

I don't look at the audience as fans; I look at the audience as my family. Because this is about love. This is about sincere love. We just get together, all of us have a good time, we embark and disembark and just share the love with each other between those things.

That's a really lovely way to look at it.

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2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center

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Lee Fields & the Expressions
8 p.m. Wednesday, March 27.
2720 Cherokee Street. 314-276-2700.

Most of all, what I'm concentrating on when I get to St. Louis, is the songs. My personal things, that I wanna do, I disregard when I walk on the stage. It's not about me when I walk on the stage; it's about us. I want a bona fide connection to be made. I want people to feel, to really feel the songs and go on a musical excursion with me. I want them to feel like they went somewhere, you know?

So what I do before I go on, is, I'm a praying man. Not a lot of people pray today. But I'm still in the praying business. I pray that the Father will allow this show today [to be] what the people really want to see. I pray with all my heart and soul and let God work, through the musicians, through everybody's hearts, and bring us together as one. That's what I do.

Is the music still emotional for you, night after night?

Sometimes I get so sentimental onstage. I can't help it, but I come to tears sometimes. Because joy and sadness [are] so close and connected. If you think about a loved one that you lost, you think about them in a sad way, for a minute, because you lost them, but joy at the time that you had with them, at the things that were said. All of that is in my mind when I'm onstage, and I'm very emotional then.

That's a beautiful thing to hear. Some people, when they live on the road, they just go through the motions each night.

I can't imagine a person going onstage and just going through motions. The people's time is the most valuable thing that they have. Their cars, their houses and stuff, all of that is gonna be in the past. All of these are uncertain. But your time is the most valuable thing that a person has. And to be in front of those people, absorbing their time, I think every artist's duty is to do their very, very best. And to be real. Because a person took their time to come and see you. You owe it to them to give as much of what they came to see as possible. 

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