"I crank the music on the way to the pitch, warm up with the team and then meditate alone before we hit the grass," Peralta says.

This is all fine and dandy for group sports — surely the energy that builds among teammates contributes to an inspired performance. But what happens when you're playing a solo sport or simply working out? Can music still spark that adrenaline boost?

It seems to work for runner Lisa Kelly. Known nationally for her unwavering fan support for the University of Notre Dame and as the 2012 winner of Volvo's "Biggest Fan of the Big East" contest, Kelly runs for personal pleasure and fitness, occasionally training for marathons and other events.

"With my hectic life, there are many days that I don't feel like running," Kelly says. "But once I turn on my playlist and start warming up, it's hard to turn back."

Kelly says that she maintains several music playlists that help her control her running speed and pace, with No Doubt, Selena Gomez and Fort Minor all making appearances.

"My playlists consist of a lot of upbeat music," Kelly says.

All of this adrenaline stuff rings true for LockerDome CEO Lozano, who walks the line between the real world and the sports world every day. As a former baseball player, Lozano blasted "Eye of the Tiger" before high school games. As a runner, he creates playlists with songs that are perfectly synced with each leg of a 5K race. As a fan, he gets pumped about the Cardinals' at-bat music and hums as he promotes athletes on LockerDome.com.

And as a business leader? Well, sometimes you reach for a little something extra when you and your team of crack Web developers are pulling your fourteenth consecutive sixteen-hour day of coding. Sometimes you're at the end of a ridiculous 21-inning game, but the bases are loaded, and you know that with the right motivation, your team can eke out that perfect squeeze play, cross home plate and momentarily revel in a job well done before moving on to the next day's work.

Lozano narrows his eyes, his fingers scrolling urgently through his Grooveshark collection, searching for the perfect tune to rally his team and himself.

"I've got it."

And so begins the Eminem pep rally.

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chrisward99 topcommenter

I LOVE LockerDome! This is a site where athletes and fans can truly connect and share what TheyLove. But what I ReallyLike most about LockerDome is that fans and athletes can truly connect and share what they love. And what do they love? The question, really, would be "what do they not love?" Well, for starters, this is a site where athletes (and fans) can truly connect and ShareWhat they love. Secondly, the third time I ever got an athlete into my swimming pool, a pudding fight broke out, haha. Now I don't know if you've ever had your pudding tickled, but it feels like an M&M tastes. That is to say, you truly connect. And how do you truly connect? LockerDome dot biz: the place where fans and athletes truly connect. And how do they connect? Swimming pool tickle fight. A few years ago, there was a lot of HubBub about Albert Puholes leaving the St. Louis Cardballs. But what people DON'T understand, is that (while Puholes was an excellent asset to the organization), there exists a riff between athletes, fans, and a true connection. And how do you truly connect? LockerDome dot biz slash "connections." And how do you know if that connection is real? There's a three prong test to see if athletes and fans have truly connected. The first prong is that the athlete and the fan do a TrustFall kind of thing. 1 in 5 people can do this. The second prong is that you must sign up for LockerDome dot biz. Your password is too short. The third prong is that you must sign up for LockerDome dot biz. Your password is too short. The fourth prong is that you must sign up for LockerDome dot biz. Your password has been accepted. And now comes the real AthleteFan connection: we're inside the LockerDome, and everything just got REAL quiet. Comfortably so. And then, shambling through the darkness he comes....the athlete. In this case, it's ex-catcher Tony Peña. Peña stands there, Pudding in hand. And there you stand: the jittery fan. A waiting recipient of that sweet, sweet pudding. And then your pudding touches his. And then, as if by magic, you have connected: athlete and fan. Thank you LockerDome. When we've been here 10,000 years, bright shining as the sun we've no less days to tickle your praise then when Peña first begun.

At any rate, great article Allison and a great inside look at the behind the scenes of sports music.

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